Job Board for Coworking Communities Launched As Free-Forever, From Day One

Late on Monday afternoon the website was quietly launched as a free-forever job board focusing on promoting positions within coworking communities around the world. The major difference, is that this one is free, forever.

Multi-business workspaces, from large business centers to grassroots coworking collectives, rely heavily on the passionate individuals who make up their operational teams.

During hundreds of hours of conversations with coworking space operators, the team picked up on the globally-felt frustration with sourcing talent for these teams.

Workspace operators shared how they found that job listings that appeared amongst opportunities in other sectors (eg digital, startups, and secretarial) produced applications that were often not fitting, and were in turn burning way too much time.

As the solution discovery platform for so many coworking communities, they got to work finding a scalable and affordable solution for this frustrating bottleneck.

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The result was the launch of, and so as to ensure that it doesn’t detract from included’s mission to enable businesses through partnerships with the best coworking communities, the site’s founder took the illogical decision to make it free-forever.

When asked about why the firm was sacrificing potential revenue by making free-forever, Hector Kolonas commented that “whilst the ‘logical’ thing to do is to charge a small fee for listing jobs, these communities thrive when the right people are involved. We’ve always seen coworking operators more as our partners than our customers, and that means we have to break bottlenecks for them, even when it’s ‘illogical’ for ourselves in the short-term.” 

Although the site has just launched, there are already distribution plans and partnerships being set put in place to help coworking communities fill their roles as rapidly as possible.

As the industry matures, it’s about time that people who were interested in managing operations, marketing or communities in coworking and shared workspaces have a way to discover life-changing opportunities.