15 Niche Flexible Workspaces You Need To Follow

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From cannabis coworking spaces to health and wellness focused office space, it’s obvious that the entire flexible workspace industry has become increasingly targeted to service the specific needs of its customers.

As the freelance and remote worker becomes a larger percentage of the overall workforce, the flexible office industry must be more accommodating and differentiating than ever before.

Here are 15 well-defined industries that have created specialized work environments to meet the needs of their communities all over the world:

1) Legal: Lawyers & Other professionals related to the legal industry

Workspace: Law Firm Suites
Headquarters: New York, NY

With a number of locations in New York City, Law Firm Suites has a variety of flexible workspace options for professionals within the law industry. Their spaces focus on helping its members “practice more efficiently” and attract more clients.

Orega - MediaCityUK2) Media: TV, Production & Other media related entities

Workspace: Orega
Headquarters: UK

With nearly 20 different locations spanning over the UK, Scotland and Brussels, Orega recently opened a location in the heart of MediaCityUK — Manchester’s newest media hub that also houses the BBC and other major media outlets.

3) Health & Wellness: Health Education & Services

Workspace: Campfire
Headquarters: Hong Kong

With two locations in Hong Kong, Campfire serves the needs of its growing startup and entrepreneurial community. Their founders have core expertise in design and creating spaces that are inviting and multi-functional.

4) Tech: Technology Startups & Entrepreneurs

Workspace: TechHub
Headquarters: Across Europe and Bangalore, India

With locations in major cities all over Europe, TechHub focuses on budding technology startups to enable their companies to work smarter and scale faster. Memberships include a virtual community for members to share advice, news and tips across their platform. Their premier partner is Google, which provides cross-collaborations for TechHub members in the form of startup resources and mentorship.

5) Cannabis: Emerging Cannabis Startups

Workspace: Gateway
Headquarters: Oakland, California

Gateway offers an “all-in-one” Incubator program to help cannabis startups compete on the world stage. Once applicants are accepted, the company offers an upfront capital investment and access to an abundance of mentors, events and resources in their mission to make the cannabis industry mainstream.

6) Music: Band Rehearsal Space

Workspace: Cohere Bandwidth
Headquarters: Fort Collins, Colorado

Cohere Bandwidth is an offshoot of its main coworking space Cohere, and this “rock solid” space offers a “plug-and-play” rehearsal and recording studio for all types of musicians.

The Wing7) Women-Only: Female Entrepreneurs & Creatives

Workspace: The Wing
Headquarters: New York, NY

Dedicated to becoming both a work and social space for all women, The Wing is designed for “convenience and connection” to drive collaboration within a multi-purpose space.

8) Construction: General Contractors & Large-Scale Construction/Design Companies

Workspace: Tradecraft Industries
Headquarters: Denver, Colorado

Tradecraft was born out of the need to help all construction-related people and companies gain access to the resources usually reserved for major players. Members have access to project/storage space, materials and its professional affiliate network.

9) Green/Eco-Friendly: Sustainability/Environmental Startups & Entrepreneurs

Workspace: Green Spaces
Headquarters: Denver, Colorado

Green Spaces is a 12,500 square-foot, solar-powered coworking and collaboration space. The original Brooklyn location is touted as being the first green coworking space in the U.S. This company’s space is all about flexibility and enjoying a myriad of amenities including being dog-friendly.

The Food Loft Coworking10) Food: Foodtech Startups

Workspace: The Food Loft
Headquarters: Boston, MA

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    The Food Loft is a coworking space for everything food-related. They do provide more than just a space to work, with membership benefits such as workshops, networking opportunities, and access to mentorship and fundraising.

    11) Writing: Writers, Journalists & Freelancers

    Workspace: Paragraph (pictured top)
    Headquarters: New York, NY

    Simply put, Paragraph is a workspace for writers. The loft space is divided into two areas with one being a kitchen/cafe and the other being a dedicated workspace where each writer can find quiet and privacy.

    12) Finance: Fintech Startups

    Workspace: Tyro FinTechHub
    Headquarters: Sydney, Australia

    The Hub is a coworking space dedicated specifically for startups in the Fintech arena. The operators focus on early-stage startups to invite collaboration and a community for their members.

    13) Clean Energy: Cleantech, Smart Grid Technology, Energy Consulting Startups & Entrepreneurs

    Workspace: Coalition
    Headquarters: Chicago, IL; New York, NY; Boston, MA

    Coalition is a “coworking hub for professionals in energy.” Members include companies within all sectors of the clean energy industry and all locations host ongoing energy-related events.

    14) Education: Edtech (Individuals & Companies)

    Workspace: Edspace
    Headquarters: London, UK

    Edspace is a collaborative coworking space with a community of education-related startups and organizations. Their space is packed with a powerful community of early-stage and well-established education innovators and a calendar full of inspirational events and workshops.

    15) Hair Stylists: Beauty Professionals

    Workspace: My Salon Suite
    Headquarters: Multiple locations across the U.S. & Canada

    My Salon Suite has two general offerings: one for members looking to find a space for mentorship/apprenticeship and the other being a franchise partner — where members become owners and run an independent business while still supported by community resources, values and ongoing mentorship.

    Know another industry-specific workspace that deserves a mention? Share your thoughts with us on Twitter, Facebook, or by contacting Adam directly: agreenwald@allwork.space

    Pictured top: Paragraph – Workspace for Writers

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