GCUC Is Being Sponsored by Audi Shared Fleet, and Here’s Why It’s A Big Deal

As if we needed another reason to attend the Global Coworking Unconference Conference (GCUC) next week in NYC…

Yesterday, during a Facebook live video, Liz Elam, Founder and Executive Director of GCUC announced a new (and very exciting) collaboration with Audi shared fleet.

As you all very well know, the transportation industry is changing dramatically, and it is now part of our sharing economy. Audi knows this, and they have embraced this evolution. Recently, Audi bought an Austin based company called Silvercar, which offers a unique platform for car rental and for allowing people to access cars on demand, more commonly known as Audi shared fleet.

But let’s not digress from the topic at hand: Why is Audi shared fleet sponsoring GCUC?

Audi shared fleet is seeking innovative communities that get, understand, and benefit from their model. And what better community for this than the coworking and flexible workspace one? We thought it, you thought it, and so did Audi shared fleet; they identified coworking as a community that aligns with their goals.

Cuyler Owens, Senior Director of Mobility at Silvercar, said the following to Allwork:

“Coworking spaces seem to be the hubs of communities where innovation is driven.Plus, the intersection of technology adoption and the need for urban mobility is perfectly met at coworking in locations, in the fact that there’s typically a high density of people that need mobility solutions in these areas. We have also found that leaders in the coworking industry are really receptive to new and alternative mobility strategies, like Audi shared fleet.”

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Audi shared fleet isn’t just sponsoring GCUC… 

“Audi shared fleet is offering people the opportunity to share in the expense of a car, where you pay a nominal fee to drive the car. Meaning 30 people can have 1 car instead of 30. Think quality time, less carbon dioxide emissions, and no parking issues at your workspace.

Sweet, right?

That’s not the end of it though. We had to save the best for last.

Audi shared fleet is giving away a car, an Audi Q5, to a community at GCUC! No, it’s not forever, but you’ll get to drive a kickass car for 3 months. Oh, let’s not forget the car comes well equipped with the Audi premium plus package and it includes navigation, wi-fi hotspot, and satellite radio to name a few.

If you’re already registered and attending GCUC, then you’re already counted in for the drawing. But if you have friends that might be interesting in winning a Q5 for 3 months, direct them here. Even if, for some crazy reason, you’re not attending the Conference, but you’re in NYC, you can still win (but you must be present at the event)!

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