In the Loop: A Workspace ‘Hall of Mirrors’ and Servcorp’s Crusade Against Flip-Flops

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Mirror, Mirror: Who’s the Anti-Coworking Designer of this Minimalist Workspace?

In something resembling a fairground hall of mirrors, this 18,000 sq ft workspace in Manhattan certainly gives off a deeply reflective vibe. According to Dezeen, the designer “intentionally avoided contemporary office stereotypes, such as ping-pong tables and juice bars” when designing this mirror-filled space. Minimalist it certainly is. Unfortunately, it looks like they left out a few other office stereotypes too, like desks and chairs.

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Servcorp Shuns Workspace Upstarts (and flip-flops) with “coworking for grownups”

Over the past few decades, Servcorp has seen more than its fair share of flexible workspace companies come and go. Now the Australian business center and virtual office giant is tackling the likes of Soho House, Neue House and WeWork — the so-called “upstarts” of the flexible office industry — by marketing its shared workspace as “coworking for grownups”.

In this insightful interview with Quartz, Servcorp’s COO Marcus Moufarrige doesn’t think much of free beer and relaxed dress codes in the workplace: “If someone rolls in in flip flops right now, I’d probably have a word with him.”

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UK Hotelier Moves Into Coworking Market

Developer Signature Living, which operates hotels in Liverpool, UK, has recently launched a new workplace brand — Signature Works — which is introducing coworking at three buildings in Central Liverpool. Each location offers a hybrid workspace featuring open-plan coworking, private serviced offices and meeting rooms. In yet another example of the crossover between work and living, two of Signature’s buildings also provide either residential or hotel accommodation.

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