In The Loop: WeWork Makes Billboard, Coworking Rockets in India, and the Key to “happiness”

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Billboard interview: WeWork’s latest hit

WeWork’s well-oiled PR machine is enjoying another top hit, this time courtesy of Billboard. The long-running U.S. music and entertainment magazine posted an interview featuring WeWork vice chairman Michael Gross alongside rapper and record producer Nas, and Peter Bittenbender, the CEO of media company Mass Appeal.

If you’re wondering how this merry trio came together, it’s all down to their workspace. Mass Appeal’s HQ is housed within one of WeWork’s New York locations, which has been suitably decked out (pun intended) for its music industry client. It also includes a recording studio — the first professional recording studio built for a member company by WeWork.

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The answer to employee happiness? “Make Your Office Like a Coworking Space”

Elizabeth Dukes, co-founder and EVP at iOFFICE, makes a great case for coworking in this new post for She explains why coworking is successful and how it benefits employees, before going on to suggest ways in which corporates can begin to integrate their own coworking infrastructure as a tool to drive collaboration and productivity.

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More and more, we’re seeing the influential effect that coworking is having on the corporate stratosphere, and ‘how to’ guides like this only serve to push our industry further into the mainstream.

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Coworking rockets in India

“When we started two years ago, there were four co-working spaces. Today there are 115 in the country.”

Amit Ramani, founder and CEO of Awfis — a coworking operator and platform in India — discusses the considerable growth of flexible workspace across India and what he feels is fueling this rapid pace of transformation.

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