Kathleen Buchanan on 28 Years of Metro Offices

Metro Offices -Tysons at Greensboro Station Place, Reception Area

Happy Birthday Metro Offices!

The flexible workspace company, which was founded in Northern Virginia back in 1989 by CEO Kathleen Buchanan, is today celebrating its 28th anniversary.

Over nearly three decades, Metro Offices has built an impressive portfolio of 9 business centers throughout DC, Maryland and Virginia, serving tens of thousands of clients across a vast array of industries.

Kathlene Buchanan, Metro OfficesPrior to popping open a cork or two, Kathleen took a moment to enjoy a trip down memory lane with Allwork.

“I think every entrepreneur has dreams of grand success and longevity, or why take all the risks?” she said, when asked if she ever imagined reaching this milestone 28 years ago.

“I knew that I had a fresh perspective of the business and I was determined to create a better product than what was being offered in DC, Virginia and Maryland in 1989.”

Of course much has changed over the years, which has directly impacted demand for flexible workspace and the way business centers, including Metro Offices, operate today.

“Everything has changed and I am thankful for that,” said Kathleen. “Technology led the way to glorious opportunities in all our businesses and personal lives. We will continue to be challenged with what works best in each of our markets.

“What is best today will not be the answer tomorrow. These are very exciting times for our industry and we are thrilled to be a part of it.”

Indeed, success is never guaranteed, and in addition to hard work, determination and a high level of customer-oriented service, many other factors are at play. Perhaps the most notable is people, and Kathleen counts “having a team that understands our goals and our vision” as one of the key drivers behind her success.

This combination of attributes hasn’t just paved the way for longevity; it has also earned Metro Offices – and Kathleen herself – a number of awards along the way. Among them, Metro Offices has been listed within the ‘Top 100 Best-Run Companies’ by SmartCEO Magazine, ‘Top 25 Women Owned Businesses’ by the Washington Business Journal, and a spot on Inc. Magazine’s ‘Fast 5000’ list.

Finally, the big question: what does the next 28 years hold?

“We will continue to listen to the voice of our members,” Kathleen added. “They have not steered us wrong yet!”

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