This Coworking Space Is All About Driving Cooperation Among Economically Active Women

In October last year, 2016, we learned about Feminaria, the coworking space that’s helping fight workplace sexism in Brazil.

Ana Carolina Moreira Bavon, Feminaria’s Founder, shared with Allwork the story behind Feminaria and its community, and how through a support group and ‘safe space’ women were able to thrive and succeed on their own.

“I saw a need for a space where women could exchange experiences, views, and knowledge. I wanted to create a space where we could all collaborate and help solve different doubts that women can have about rights, laws, and operating a business.” – Ana Carolina Moreira Bavon

This month at Allwork, we’ve been exploring the different ways in which flexible workspace operators give back to their communities. We caught up with Ana to see what Feminaria is up to now, how they continue to support women in business in Brazil, and the new efforts they’re making to ensure that women can forge their own paths.

“We are still located in the same physical space but the network has grown a lot, so we are looking into moving to a new and bigger space soon,” Ana tells us.

The nature of Feminaria has also evolved. Though Feminaria was never really just about providing workspace, Ana tells us that they have increased their efforts to provide quality training and practical tools to help support the development and careers of the women who are part of the network.

“Originally, I started out as the only consultant for Feminaria. I’m proud to say that today we have 10 regular consultants offering their services and knowledge to our members. Since we opened last September, we have touched the lives of about 700 women and Feminaria is now being recognized as the safe place we have always strived to be.”

Community Impact

Feminaria has not only impacted Brazilian women. It has also had an impact on Brazilian men.

“Men have reacted positively to the initiative, and they are invited to take part in our events, as this helps them understand where we are coming from and why there is an immediate need to stimulate and support women in the economy. I believe that through Feminaria and our efforts, some men have started to recognize, acknowledge, and act on this urgency.”

But that’s not all.

“We are managing, with a lot of dedication and effort, to connect our brand to the need for humanizing relationships and pushing for cooperation among economically active women.”

Additionally, Feminaria is taking an active role in empowering mothers who have not yet been able to embark on their professional careers.

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“We actively support the Mães no Enem (Mothers in Enem) and Mães na Universidade (Mothers in College) projects. These projects help women get through an important step in their lives. The Enem test is a national test that needs to be passed in order to be admitted into university, and we help women prepare for it. We also work alongside women as they go through university courses and provide help and training where they need it.”

Feminaria is set on providing the right opportunities for women to forge their own paths, and we look forward to following their future progress as they expand into their new workspace.

*Feature image grabbed from Feminaria Facebook page

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