WeWork Hires Its First-Ever CTO

Coworking giant, WeWork, has announced its first-ever CTO, TechCrunch reported.

According to the TechCrunch article, WeWork has hired Laurent Paris, former VP of Engineering for Spotify.

Paris’ hiring comes shortly after WeWork announced its new Services Store for members and their investment in a digital platform to host and streamline the process of their brand-new ‘store’.

But Paris’ role will focus beyond the digital platform of the services store. Paris told TechCrunch:

“I’m interested in looking at how we blend physical space with digital technology. Take the internet of things, for example. We can bring sensors into the management of the space to get data on how people interact in their offices and tailor that experience.”

From the above paragraph, we gather that Paris will also be working on technologies that will aid WeWork in developing and evolving their new  management service. Paris’ quote directly relates to what Chief product officer David Fano said during a breakfast event in Manhattan a few weeks back.

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“Chief product officer David Fano and head of product research Joshua Emig announced the new “on-site services” initiative, which is set to help firms “reduce both costs and time to build an office, while using an in-house design team that will optimize space and create a floor plan that improves employee interaction.”

For several months now, WeWork has been shifting its focus away from coworking and leaning more towards the corporate and technology arena.

Read the full TechCrunch article here.