Avila Spaces Opens New Coworking and Business Lounge In Lisbon

The latest Coworking space and Business Lounge at Avenida da República has a new membership model with premium services.

Lisbon, June, 21, 2017 – Avila Spaces, virtual offices and shared workspaces market leader, inaugurates today its third workspace in Lisbon, at Avenida da República, combining both coworking and business lounge concepts, in an innovative working model.

The new Coworking space and Business Lounge has more than 300 square meters, divided into two unique working environment: a coworking area and a Business Lounge with 85 workstations, where it is possible to relax, work, or have meetings.

The new Business Lounge translates Avila Spaces’ commitment to a premium and exclusive service, which makes the difference in relation to other informal spaces. To the various comfort zones, among sofas, armchairs, tables and benches, is added a kitchenette with free coffee, tea and other drinks, as well as a meeting room and a terrace.

“Our goal is to attract customers from a more corporate segment and this space was designed thinking about who does not need a physical office, but desires to work in an environment with total comfort, convenience and exclusivity”, explains Carlos Gonçalves, CEO of Avila Spaces.

With free internet access, post mail service, 24/7 phone service, voicemail-to-email system, network space and the possibility to benefit from webdesign, or accounting services and many others of Avila Spaces’ partners network, the new Coworking Space and Business Lounge allows complete flexibility of use and guarantees the best cost-benefit ratio available in the market.

To use the Business Lounge, Avila Spaces created a membership concept in the amount of 85 euros / month. This subscription allows taking advantage of all the services and amenities of the Business Lounge, may be renewed every month and does not require any binging period. The Coworking space, which is on the same floor, has tuition fees from 160 euros per month.

The Coworking and Business Lounge becomes the pinacle of Avila Spaces’ signature: ‘Work. Relax. Enjoy ‘. This is the concept that unites the brand and of which all customers can benefit in this new space: work, relax, enjoy what you do and fully exploit the services you find here, from a lounge area where you can take a break, to the kitchenette, where you can drink a coffee for free.

“We believe this is how professionals regard the workplace today: a place where they can work in a comfortable, informal way, where they can relax in lounge areas and even have fun at networking events or parties”, emphasizes Carlos Gonçalves, who adds: “This positioning also reflects the importance that professionals currently attribute to the balance between personal and professional life”.

Users of Avila Spaces Coworking and Business Lounge, also benefit from the pilot  myOffice app, created to provide greater ease in office management, via mobile phone and already used by more than 400 clients. New features will soon be available in  myOffice app.

About Avila Spaces

Avila Spaces is the most awarded business center in Portugal and is the leader in innovation in flexible workspaces market in the country. The new Coworking and Business Lounge offer a premium environment, with the latest technology, where companies can grow in a sustained and dynamic manner. With the launch of myOffice app in 2010, a pioneering platform on an international level, Avila Spaces revolutionized the virtual office market. Founded in 2004, Avila Spaces currently has more than 500 national and international clients and is a member and representative in Portugal, of the largest business centers network across the world, eOffice International Network. This network has more than 300 locations and is managed in the UK. Avila Spaces has its facilities in Lisbon, at Avenida da República and Avenida João Crisóstomo.

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