INFOGRAPHIC: The Pros And Cons Of Open And Shared Workspaces

Is the debate of open vs private offices ever going to end? While some people swear by the amazing benefits of collaboration in shared workspaces, others claim it can be a nightmare of noise and distraction.

Fact is, the success or failure of any workspace has much to do also with its occupants and users. Some people work better in open areas, while others–like me for example–work best in quiet areas. In the end, we at Allwork believe it all boils down to choice: letting people choose for themselves where they want to work from (we all know our moods vary quite a bit during the day, let alone the week, month, or season). Which is also why workplace design and strategy should be an ongoing process that helps flexible workspace operators adapt to current market trends and needs.

If one thing is for sure, it’s that there is no one size fits all approach to workplace design, and this infographic by Quill shows how this is the case for open workspaces.

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