Raaly Steps Up Its Coworking Technology Game With RaalyPass Business Program

Launched a mere 9 months ago, Raaly has evolved from being the ‘Groupon’ of coworking spaces to being a coworking app that targets large businesses and introduces them to the flexible workspace arena.

Allwork met with Justin Block, co-founder of Raaly, in New York to learn more about their upcoming service and how they plan to make a coworking app that’s seamless, useful, and profitable.

“We realized that there was a big opportunity for us and workspace operators to generate more revenue by targeting big businesses. There’s a shift in how Fortune 500 companies approach the workplace, and this shift has led them to want to come into coworking spaces, but they don’t know how to do it, or where to find the right match for their needs.”

The new product will be officially launched June 8th, but we’ve got the scoop on the details of the product, how it’ll work, and the cities where it’ll be initially available.

Raaly has developed what they call a RaalyPass Business Program. “We want businesses to have one master business account where they can sign up as many employees as they want and buy them hours to use coworking spaces across the nation.”

Though there are various apps and companies offering coworking passes out there, like Croissant and Deskpass, Justin tell us that these apps are still highly focusing on the individual user.

“We believe our business oriented model will be more appealing for operators, as it’ll provide longevity and less turnover.”  This, however, doesn’t mean that Raaly will stop catering to individual users’ needs. “We will continue to offer our original service; we’re simply branching out and adapting to the market needs,” Justin added.

Here’s what the new program is all about, in their own words:

“Through our RaalyPass Business Program, organizations will have the ability to buy ‘RaalyPass’ for any number of employees. Using our app, RaalyPass members can easily find, reserve, and enter into any of our network of coworking locations. The price will be set on an hourly basis, and the app will also provide the manager of the master business high-control and monitoring options; which in turn will give companies useful data on how, where, and at what times their employees work.”

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The hook is that big companies “aren’t likely to go dabble and say here’s a 1,000 employees, we want them to work out from your space. Companies, and people, like to try out new products and services first; we’re giving these companies the opportunity to test the waters on their own terms, and we’re giving operators the opportunity to win these corporate clients over. We want to be the bridge between businesses and coworking spaces.”

The RaalyPass Business Program will be rolled out in New York June 8th. Shortly after the product will be rolled out in Austin, Seattle, and San Francisco, with plans to “expand to other metropolitan hubs by Summer’s end.”

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