Venture X Accelerates National And Global Coworking Expansion, Announces 14 New Locations

Venture X the rapidly expanding premium shared workspace franchise is currently developing 14 new locations nationally and introducing the concept globally this year.

Those locations will be added to the 3 existing locations in Naples FL, San Antonio TX and Toronto Canada. Venture X has an international presence beyond the US and Canada with a team based in Sydney that is searching for new locations in Australia while also introducing the Venture X concept in Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

The locations currently in development are Dallas, Frisco, Ft. Worth, Plano, Austin, Brownsville, Houston, Denver, Highlands, Miami, Sarasota, West Palm Beach, Rockville and Washington D.C.

Venture X is a premium membership-based shared workspace and community that is a blend of boutique hotel and offices styles with a high level of design that feels professional and welcoming.

The company is founded by father and son David Diamond CEO and Brett Diamond COO who opened their first location in 2012 in Naples, FL.

David is also known for cofounding DeAngelis Diamond Construction, one of the nation’s largest commercial construction firms, and is a developer of commercial properties and an angel investor to Silicon Valley and NYC tech startups.

David with Brett, a college student at the time, witnessed how coworking spaces increased the success of the startups he invested in with its lean costs, collaborative culture and inspiring community. Inspired by that early, tech-driven coworking concept, Brett and David dove into studying this new coworking industry, taking day passes at some of the early coworking spaces in San Francisco, NYC, LA and Austin. Brett, who had already co-founded 2 startups while attending university, took his college senior year summer term off to work in one of the first coworking spaces that opened in NYC.

They then set out to test their theory that coworking would be desirable beyond startups and tech companies and offered that experience to a broader membership base of entrepreneurs, freelancers, small businesses as well as large teams from fortune 500 companies.

David and Brett, who have been passionate about supporting and helping people succeed and enjoy a fulfilling rich life doing what they love, believed creating a place and environment that people love to come to work to every day was a great way to further that passion.

The Venture X concept in Naples Florida proved successful so they began plans for expanding the concept to other major cities across the nation. In 2016, they partnered with Ray Titus the CEO of United Franchise Group, a company that is responsible for some of the franchise industry’s top-ranked, award-winning brands. They launched the Venture X concept nationally at the Houston, NYC, Denver and Dallas Franchise Expos in 2016 and internationally in Sydney and Paris in March 2017.

“We’re interested in creating a place and a community where people love to come to work every day,” Brett said. “We’re here to be a part of our local communities as well as the global community.”

“It is the purpose of Venture X to help people succeed and enjoy a fulfilling and rich life in doing what they love. We do that by creating a place and community where people love to come to work to every day.” David said. “Today more than ever people have the choice and freedom to work from anywhere they like. So, Venture X is creating spaces with great design, community, services, support and authentic connections where people can choose to do the work they love.”

Because the design experience matters, we chose Gensler recognized as the world’s leading architecture and design firm to design our space and develop our brand visuals. They are the global leader in workspace deign with clients that include Facebook, Google, Airbnb, Dropbox, Etsy, CBRE and Conde Nest.

We also selected Herman Miller as our office furniture provider. Herman Miller is a recognized innovator in contemporary interior office furnishings solutions. They have collaborated with some of the most outstanding and legendary designers in the world.

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“The coworking shared office industry is continuing its rapid growth as a solution for where and how a new generation desires to work, with over 1 million members and 10,000 location globally. Growing at a rate of greater then 40% annually,” Brett said, “And Venture X is a significant part of this future of workspace, by growing and leading in the industry with over a dozen locations currently in development and our forecast is 40 new locations to be announced by the end of 2017”.

“While office sharing is not a new concept, Venture X prides itself on offering a more upscale environment with modern office spaces that are inspired by boutique hotels, and rates and membership plans that are reasonably priced,” Michelle Solis, Community Manager Venture X San Antonio, said.

“Venture X fills a unique need in this business,” Tom Weber President of Venture X said. “There are other firms that have their own concept and are doing well, but Venture X has created a blend of style and services that is unique and compatible as opposed to competitive with the other businesses”.

“Venture X is far more than just a place to work.  It’s a local community that is inspiring, diverse and collaborative. Venture X is a perfect fit for United Franchise Group. We are the Global Leader for Entrepreneurs and at our core we believe in the personal relationships, face to face meetings and building communities.” said United Franchise Group CEO Ray Titus.

Building from the success of the Naples location, Venture X’s continued expansion extends the Venture X community, broadening the opportunity for members to work in multiple cities and make valuable connections with a global community of members in which to collaborate, share resources, discover potential clients and develop meaningful relationships.


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