We Love How This Coworking Operator Reacted To Trump Exiting The Paris Agreement

“Given the recent news about the Paris Climate Deal, as a flexible and shared workspace provider with over 1,500+ people under our roof, we recognize it’s more important now more than ever to be as environmentally conscious as possible.” -Tim Bailey, Director of Operations at Bond Collective

Though Trump’s decision to exit the Paris Agreement has been met with disapproval and harsh critiques, many have taken the news as a way to ‘do their bit’, however small and find ways in which to individually or as a company decrease their environmental footprint.

“At Bond Collective, we’ve recently made drastic changes in the way we run all five of our locations in New York City, day in and day out. We are trying to support the environment in a time of turmoil and uncertainness as much as we can through different actions, like the following:

Removed plasticware in every location and replaced it with easily accessible mugs and glassware for all of our members.
Replaced beer bottles/cans, wine bottles and kombucha bottles with metal kegs that can be recycled.
Developed a composting program in Bond Collective Gowanus. In just 2 weeks, we diverted about 420 lbs of food waste.
Created greenhouse installations within all of our spaces to develop a natural environment for plants to grow and for our members to get involved with gardening and exploring their green thumb.
Implemented an automated electrical circuit based on slow/heavy times in the building and reducing waste in an automated way.”

In times like this, it is up to us as individuals to contribute to a larger cause and there are various ways flexible workspace operators can follow Bond Collective’s initiative and reduce their environmental footprint.

“Bond Collective’s long terms goals are to become increasingly environmentally friendly as we grow as a company and to promote awareness within our space. We are committed to do whatever we can to ‘go green’ in all of our current spaces and future across the country.”

“At Bond Collective, we recognize how important it is to be environmentally conscious in everything you do, whether that’s getting coffee or catering a meeting or even decorating your workspace.” said Tim Bailey, Director of Operations at Bond Collective. “While it’s certainly no easy task, we feel responsible to ensure our spaces are not leaving an environmental footprint. As we grow nationwide, creating an environmentally friendly workspace will be a priority and we encourage all fellow shared workspace providers to do the same. We are all responsible for taking care of thousands of people as they work (and play) and we need to take care of mother earth while doing so!”

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