In The Loop: WeWork Japan, Great Workplaces, And New Competition For UrWork

UrWork and WeWork Have New Competition In Asia

The China Money Network reported this past Wednesday that Chinese-based coworking operator, naked Hub, has agreed to merge with Singapore-based JustCo. According to the article, “the merger aims to create the largest premium coworking operator in Asia to better compete against WeWork.”

With 140,000 square meters, 41 coworking locations, and 32,000 members; sounds like both WeWork and UrWork are about to face a new, worthy opponent.

Read the full China Money Network story here.

WeWork Gearing Up To Launch In Tokyo

TechCrunch reported this week that “WeWork is gearing up to launch its coworking spaces in Japan, thanks to a joint venture with SoftBank.” WeWork Japan will be owned 50% by WeWork and 50% by SoftBank; and their first location is set to open in Tokyo during the first months of 2018.

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Read the full TechCrunch article here.

The Secret To A Great Workplace

Ed Nolan, Managing Director and Practice Leader For Workplace Strategy at JLL, shares what he, and JLL, believe it takes to create a great workplace: it’s all about enriching the human experience. As to how to go about that, we’ll let you read Nolan’s column on Work Design Magazine.

Read Nolan’s “The Secret to a Great Workplace? Think of it as a People-Place” here.