In The Loop: International Coworking Day, Regus, WeWork, and UrWork

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International Coworking Day

August 9th marked International Coworking Day, and various operators across the globe celebrated all-week long. The Kansas City Coworking Alliance set a new world record, operators offered free coworking passes (some even provided free food and drinks), and everyone was just so very ‘co’ about it.

But, what exactly is international coworking day? And why August 9th? And who came up with the idea.

Here’s what we found out!

Regus’ Profit Dips While WeWork Continues With Expansion

Bad news from International Workplace Group (IGW)–AKA Regus. Earlier this week, IGW reported that it has seen its operating profit fall. The blame is on the company’s aggressive growth efforts.

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    And while Regus’ profit took a 4% dip, WeWork managed to acquire Spacemob, making it pretty obvious that their sights are set on Asia.

    Read the full scoop here.

    UrWork Closes US$178m Funding Round

    WeWork is not the only one planning on expanding its footprint in Asia and worldwide. WeWork’s #1 competitor in Asia, UrWork announced this week that it had received US178m in a pre-C funding round.

    What will the money be used for? Find out here!

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