10+ Coworking Spaces Killing It On Instagram

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Instagram and coworking go hand-in-hand. If you have an engaged and diverse community, an inviting space, and inspiring events, you likely have an abundance of images and short videos to post on Instagram.

But keeping up with social media can be a challenge for busy coworking space operators, and the job of posting to Instagram is never done. It requires commitment, experimentation and an awareness of how other spaces are using the platform.

Here are 10+ coworking spaces that are killing it on Instagram. Check them out, learn from them, and implement some of their strategies into your own marketing.

1. ECO-SYSTM – @ecosystmsf


ECO-SYSTM is a coworking space in the tech hotbed of San Francisco. It’s also part of a larger space that’s an art gallery and night club. The ECO-SYSTM team hosts a lot of events and the space is always buzzing with activity and creativity. The ECO-SYSTM Instagram feed captures the high-tech culture of the city and space, and it also showcases the creativity and humanness of the community. Oh, and there are hanging, bubble chairs in the space and a rooftop patio with great views of the city—so there’s that.

2. Soma Vida – @somavida


Soma Vida is a wellness coworking community in Austin, Texas, that was founded way back in 2008. In addition to providing coworking, the space offers a range of health and wellness services, including yoga, prenatal bodywork, acupuncture, nutrition and health coaching, and more. The Soma Vida Instagram feed is a collection of images that make you think, ahhhhhhhh.

But the Soma Vida team also gets that real life rarely looks like spa photos, so they’ll also feature images of donuts, sing the praises of tacos, and share images of local street art.

3. Digital NEST – @digitalnest


The Digital Nest, located in the agricultural community of Watsonville, California, is a nonprofit, high-tech training and collaboration space for young people. The mission of the Nest is to give local youth, from high school age through 24 years-old, the tools and training for futures in tech through training, mentorship, workspace and access to the latest technology. As the website states, “Digital Nest gives low-income youth much more than a place to use free computers and Wi-Fi after school.” The Digital Nest Instagram feed showcases the visionary work of the nonprofit, the vibrant community members, and the project’s engagement in the local entrepreneurial and tech scenes.

4. Seedspace Community – @seedspace_co


Seedspace is a coworking and coliving community of entrepreneurs in Geneva, Switzerland. With several spaces across the city—all with a different design and vibe—Seedspace aims to offer a space to fit any mood or workstyle. The Seedspace Instagram feed is a celebration of digital nomad and coworking lifestyles, with good food, happy hours, outdoor adventures, rec time (there’s a foosball table and squirt guns), as well as the Seedspace community of entrepreneurs, freelancers and independent professionals.

5. The Commons – @thecommons


The Commons is a coworking brand in Collingwood and South Melbourne, Australia. With the tagline, “It’s not about work-life balance. It’s about work-life integration,” the brand’s Instagram feed is perfectly aligned with the company’s brand aesthetic, including consistent colors throughout the feed, inspirational quotes, high-quality photos of the gorgeous spaces, and engaging photos of community members at work.

6. Indy Hall – @indyhall


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Indy Hall, a coworking community in Philadelphia, is one of the original coworking spaces and a force for coworking-as-community versus coworking-as-real-estate. The Indy Hall Instagram feed mirror’s the strong focus on community, with photos of members working and goofing around, eating together, participating in events, creating together and, of course, working. It also feature member art, members out in the world, and photos that reflect the role Indy Hall plays in the larger Philly community and business ecosystem.

7. CO+HOOTS – @cohootsphx


CO+HOOTS Coworking is described as Phoenix’s largest collaborative community serving freelancers, creatives, startups and small businesses. The brand puts an emphasis on creative collaborations and nurtures strong, diverse communities of professionals from all walks of life. The CO+HOOTS Instagram feed is a balance of inspiration, community photos, the fabulous space, and events, such as a recent Lip Sync Battle.

8. Shecosystem @shecosystem


Shecosystem is a coworking space in Toronto open to “women and feminists of all genders.” The space has core values of: openness, collaboration, accessibility, community, sustainability, wellness and feminism. The Shecosystem Instagram feed features group circles, yoga classes, art, collaboration sessions, events and images of the community members coworking.

Common Desk – @commondesk


Common Desk is a coworking brand in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas. Described as a “tightly-knit community of game-changers, difference-makers, and global influencers,” Common Desk enables members to do their best work by creating an atmosphere of fun, connection, creativity and productivity. The spaces themselves are hip, stylish, professional and inviting. The Common Desk Instagram feed features high-quality, on-brand photos of the spaces, people working in them, inspiring art and quotes, lifestyle products such as craft coffee, members out in the world, branded products and more.

10. L’Atelier Vancouver Coworking – @vancityatelier


L’Atelier Vancouver is a coworking space in Vancouver’s hip Gastown neighborhood. Designed for creative entrepreneurs and freelancers, L’Atelier, which is French for “the workshop,” provides a “comfortable, inspiring, and affordable space” for independent professionals and small businesses to bring their businesses to life. The community is collaborative and creative, and the L’Atelier Instagram feed reflects that. It also features stunning photos that help set a brand tone that is clean, spacious, comfortable, inviting, professional and forward-thinking.

BONUS: Here are seven coworking companies that, while not coworking spaces, are definitely killing it on Instagram.

  1. Deskmag – @deskmag_
  2. Coworking Insights – @coworkinginsights
  3. Coworking India Mag – @coworkingindiamag
  4. Coworker – @coworker
  5. Liquidspace – @liquidspace
  6. Outsite – @outsiteco
  7. Croissant – @getcroissant

Your turn: Instagram is full of great photos of coworking spaces. This is just a small handful of coworking spaces killing it on Instagram. What are your favorite coworking Instagram feeds?Let us know.

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