In the Loop: WeWork vs Naked Hub, GCUC Australia, and More Coworking Investment


The War Between Naked Hub And WeWork In Asia

Forbes recently published an article citing Naked Hub’s Founder, Grant Horsfield, stating that Asia is Naked Hub’s turf and that the workspace company will not let WeWork take over its ‘turf’. It’s time for a showdown. WeWork’s growth in China has been modest to their standards, but many believe this is about to change. WeWork recently acquired Spacemob and also raised more funding from Japan’s SoftBank group.

As for Naked Hub, Horsfield said “we’ll fight on the water, we’ll fight to the sky, we’ll fight on the land, we will not give up Shanghai.”

Read about the Chinese operator’s plans to take on WeWork here.

GCUC AU, A Coworking Hit Down-Under

The Australian edition of the Global Coworking Unconference Conference (AKA GCUC) was a success according to various attendees. So what made the event such a memorable experience? See for yourself:

  1. Colo life’s round up of GCUC AU
  2. 16 key takeaways from attendees and speakers
  3. Lessons learned from the WUN System’s team

Influx Of Investment Keeps On Coming For Coworking In China

According to China Money Network, IDG Capital led a $15 million investment round in Kr Space, a Chinese coworking operator. The funds will be used to launch a “new version of its coworking space product called 4.0 generation Kr Space, which is designed to appeal to internet startups.” The coworking company will also expand into more central urban areas in order to meet the demand from high-end internet innovators.

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Read more about Kr Space’s plans for the future here.

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