In The Loop: Knotel Wisdom, WeWork In Austin, And A Incubator-Coworking Merger

Knotel’s Headquarter-As-A-Service, WeWork In Austin, And A Incubator-Coworking Merger

From Workspace-As-A-Service To Headquarters-As-A-Service

Amazing interview with Knotel’s CEO, Amol Sarva, where he discusses the concept of ‘headquarters-as-a-service’. “We don’t believe in sterile environments, where people are crammed into small offices with strangers.”

Very well worth a read, check out’s full interview with Amol Sarva here.

Brooklyn Incubator Merges With Philly Coworking Space Brookly reported earlier this week that Brooklyn’s “Navy Yard incubator/coworking space announced a deal that it will merge with Philadelphia coworking company Benjamin’s Desk.” The merge comes after 1776 Navy Yard lost its Managing Director. According to the article, 1776 will retain its name and branding, however Benjamin’s Desk’s Anthony and Jen Maher will take over as CEOs.

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Read the full story here.

WeWork Grows in Austin

Amid scandal surrounding their “marketing strategy” to acquire clients and amid rising doubts that they can fill up all of their spaces, WeWork is set to open a new workspace location in Austin, Texas. According to Austin’s Business Journal, “WeWork has locked up another downtown site and may be shopping for more locations.”
More on WeWork in Austin here.