In The Loop: WeWork, Apple Moves Into Mindspace, And Coworking In Downtown Clearwater

welcome-to-berlin-WeWork, Apple Moves Into Mindspace, And Coworking In Downtown Clearwater

WeWork’s Poaching Saga And More

WeWork appears to be more successful at stealing headlines than at trying to ‘steal’ workspace members. Here’s the latest from them:

WeWork’s Poaching Episode 3: The One Where They Go After A Coworking Space Owner

Is WeWork Going Through An Identity Crisis?

Apple Moves Staff Into Mindspace in Berlin

Business Insider reported earlier this week that “the highly secretive iPhone maker has put a small team into a property on Friedrichstraße where Israeli coworking space provider Mindspace occupies a number of floors.”

Neither Apple nor Mindspace confirmed the claims, however, sources have confirmed that part of Apple’s staff has relocated, at least temporarily.

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Read the full Business Insider story here.

Sparking Life Back Clearwater’s Downtown With Coworking

The Tampa Bay Times reported this week that the entire third floor of downtown’s One Clearwater Tower has been bought and will be turned into a coworking space. The floor which is gutten and has pipes exposed has been sitting empty for 15 years.

Daniels Ikajevs, a real estate developer, said that with this project “he’s creating an environment where entrepreneurs can grow, network, and be convinced to stick around with their successes.”

Read the full Tampa Bay Times story here.