Introducing Cowork7x24, The New Tool Designed To Solve Coworking Industry’s #1 Problem


48% of Coworking Spaces Believe Attracting Members is the Biggest Business Challenge

Sofia, Bulgaria, October 4, 2017 – Cowork7x24 was designed to simplify the lives of coworking spaces and coworkers. The 360-degree tool enables coworkers to find a place they’ll love working at via an app, while empowering coworking spaces to grow through a streamlined and efficient management console.

Since launching in beta earlier this year, Cowork7x24 partnered with coworking spaces in five cities (Istanbul, Sofia, Bucharest, Budapest, and Munich) to help them attract new members by allowing individuals to seamlessly book a seat in a coworking space, therefore helping operators build larger coworking communities.

Research conducted as part of Deskmag’s annual 2017 Global Coworking Survey  uncovered that “‘Attracting new members’ continues to rank as operators’ biggest challenge by far.” Coworking space partners believe Cowork7x24 serves as the perfect solution to attract more people into their space.

Cowork7x24 enables coworking space owners and office managers to:

  • Attract more members: Connect with new coworkers and gain visibility through the mobile app.
  • Increase operations productivity: Leverage onsite assets more efficiently like meeting rooms, flex desks, amenities and utilize management console tools like calendars, payment services, financial snapshot, etc.
  • Grow community: Engage members by facilitating connections through event and community pinboard feature.

Cowork7x24 enables freelancers, independent contractors and home-based entrepreneurs to:

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    • Locate and book coworking spaces: Utilize interactive map and listing service to reserve unique meeting rooms or desks from wherever, whenever.
    • Join a community: Feel a part of something bigger by building a larger professional database through onsite events, networking, and micro-job opportunities.
    • Streamline communication: Chat with like-minded coworkers through messenger and communicate quickly and efficiently with the coworking space facility team.

    “Every coworker has an essential need that lures them into the coworking space, and that’s community,” said Serkan Kurtulus, founder and CEO of Cowork7x24.

    “In order to attract new members, coworking spaces need to offer coworkers an environment that fosters creativity, outside of the box thinking, productivity, and most importantly, a diverse and vibrant community. After visiting more than 100 coworking spaces, this insight holds true every time – community is the beating heart of every coworking space. With the launch of Cowork7x24, we aim to facilitate community building through our app and management console so the industry can grow tenfold.”

    Coworking spaces can now list their space on Cowork7x24 and coworkers can download the app to start simplifying their lives today. As Cowork7x24’s community and global presence grows, the brand will continue to improve the experience for coworkers and coworking space owners, so keep an eye out for additional updates by following Cowork7x24 on Facebook and Twitter.

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