In The Loop: Spaces That Restore Socializing, Samsung And Coworking, And Office Valuation

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Workplaces should be designed to restore socializing among individuals.

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Our phones enable us to do basically anything with the tip of our fingers, and this has had a direct impact on interior design–restaurants, stores, workplaces–, or so a recent study from Gensler shows. We can now entertain ourselves with our phones anywhere and anytime without interacting with anyone, so “physical spaces need to work extra hard to restore some of that socializing”.

Click here for some food for thought to get you thinking about the importance of workplace design in creating experiences.

Samsung Pilots Tech Help Centers Inside WeWork

9to5google reported earlier this week that Samsung is piloting a service similar to that of Apple’s Genius Bar inside WeWork locations. “Samsung will be taking over a small chunk of each WeWork to build a premium space” that Samsung users can take advantage of while waiting for service or repairs to their devices.
Read the full 9to5 article here.

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Office Leasing Valuation Is Set To Change

Flexible workspace demand has soared significantly over the last few years. As companies opt for shorter leases and consolidate their spaces, building owners are faced with the challenge of less cash flow and less time to amortize their investments. Because of this, office building valuation is shifting from average term length to a backward valuation model, Bisnow reported.

“Office valuation is starting to look more like hospitality or multifamily,” the article reads. Find out why here.