In The Loop: Regus Might Sell, UrWork’s New Global Name, And What Coworking Is About

Three words that best describe coworking: community, fun, and social


Will Regus Sell And Go Private?

Just a few days ago, Regus confirmed rumors that asset management firms Brookfield and Onex had approached IWG with an all-cash offer. Though it remains to be established whether or not IWG will sell, the company’s shares soared after the announcement and Dixon is said to be ‘open’ to the idea of a takeover.

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URwork Changes Its Brand Name For Global Expansion

Following a legal battle with WeWork over its name, the Chinese coworking brand URwork is “re-naming its shared office service ‘uncommune’, a re-tool that may help it side-step potential legal hassles as it pursues a global expansion,” Bloomberg reported this week. According to the article, URwork will retain its formal name but it will drop the moniker from all of its current locations.

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Coworking Is About Feeling Less Lonely

In this HBR article, Steve King shares findings from his research, claiming that when it comes to coworking, it’s the social ties the ones that prove most valuable to members. “When asked to list three words that best describe coworking, three of the top five words mentioned by coworking members — community, fun, and social — relate to social aspects.”
Read more of Steve King’s research findings here.

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