The Hottest 2017 Flexible Workspace Articles

The Hottest 2017 Flexible Workspace Articles
The 15 articles that caught our readers’ attention the most this 2017.

The articles that captured our reader’s interest and where they lingered the longest. Have you read them all?

2017 was full of exciting flexible workspace news and happenings. By reporting on these, Allwork.Space attracted over 120,000 of users from all corners of the world. And while some of our readers grew tired of WeWork stories (based on social media feedback), our statistics show that our readers are highly interested in WeWork and WeWork happenings, with 6 of the 15 most-read articles being about the coworking giant.

This year, the Allwork.Space team  published 486 articles (to December 19th). The list below names the most-read articles published this 2017.

1. What’s Wrong With Regus?

Regus’ stock value decreased even as the group’s revenue was rising. Here’s Allwork.Space’s answer to the question: Why is Regus’ stock value decreasing when group revenue is rising and many key indicators are pointing to  a profitable business?

2. Regus and WeWork are Growing Fast, But This Company Is Growing Faster

Though Regus and WeWork tend to steal the headlines in our industry, there’s plenty of more players that are worthy opponents and definitely worth watching. Such is the case of Office Evolution, one of the fastest-growing flexible workspace companies in the United States. Here’s how Office evolution set a blistering pace of growth in North America.

3. WeWork Poaching Episode 3: The One Where They Go After A Coworking Space Owner

As speculation increased about WeWork’s inability to fill its workspace locations and amid scandal of their ‘marketing strategy’, WeWork’s employees reached out to Wolf Bielas (without realizing he owns a competitive center) , offering him a discount to join WeWork and help should he need to break a contract.

4. Workplace Trends That Will Boom in 2017

In January of this year we predicted these 4 trends would greatly influence workplaces across the world. What do you think: did we get them right?

5. Is WeWork’s Bubble Bursting? Who Knows?

WeWork’s business model is strikingly similar to another serviced office company from the 1990s. Unfortunately, that one went bust. Is WeWork heading the same way?

6. The Story of Knotel: New York’s Hottest New Workspace Model

Heard of Knotel? It’s where GCUC New York was held earlier this year in May. Anyway, here is their story and how — with   $25 million and 15 locations under its belt — Knotel pushed its flexible workspace model outside New York City for the first time this 2017.

7. Desperate Times Call For Desperate Measures: How Low Will WeWork Go?

The beginning of WeWork’s aggressive marketing campaign raised the question of whether they are desperate to get clients and if they’re crossing some sort of ‘ethical line’ whilst doing so.

8. Is WeWork Getting ‘Community’ All Wrong?

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Last year, WeWork faced a couple of NLRB charges for violating employee rights. This 2017, the coworking giant continue to struggle with staff and management issues as employees continued to complain about being mistreated and working conditions. Here’s why we believe WeWork got community wrong.

9. Is WeWork Cannibalizing The Industry With The Classic Bait-And-Switch Tactic?

Allwork.Space acquired some of the ‘marketing’ material WeWork employees were using to try and convince workplace members to switch over to WeWork. Though employees were claiming 50% discount in some locations, documents showed the deal was too good to be true.

10. Is Rapidly Rising Bar Works Leading a Ponzi Scheme Operation?

REDD-Monitor suggested that coworking operator Bar Works might be leading a Ponzi Scheme operation, following allegedly ‘banking difficulties’. A few months later, the hypothesis was proven right and Renwick Haddow, the mastermind behind Bar Work’s fraud was arrested in Morocco.

11. 8 Content Marketing Tips for Coworking Space Operators

From Cat Johnson, 8 content marketing tips to help workspace operators launch and implement a successful content strategy for their coworking or flexible workspace.

12. 3 PPC Secrets Regus Doesn’t Want You To Know

Here’s how Regus uses PPC to power its marketing campaigns. In Kirk Deis’ words “money comes and goes, but data only grows. Learn the top PPC Secrets Regus doesn’t want you to know. Leverage them in your next marketing campaign.”

13. Flexible Workspace Insights: “WeWork Is Basically Regus With A Paint Job”

The top 4 takeaways from Frank Cottle’s interview with Andrew Berkowitz about the inner workings of the flexible workspace industry, the future of CRE, and why Cottle believes WeWork is basically a Regus with a paint job.

14. Coworking vs Accelerators vs Incubators: The Ultimate Guide for Startups

Coworking space, accelerator or incubator program? Allwork.Space interviewed over 20 entrepreneurs to find out which one is the right choice for a growing startup.

15. WeWork Edges Into Workspace Management, Wins IBM in the Process

In the short course of one week back in April, WeWork announced a pretty sweet deal with IBM and also the launch of a new workspace management platform that would help them attract and close more corporate deals.

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