In The Loop: Coworking Regulation In China, Why WeWork Might Issue IPO, 2018 Forecast

InTheLoop CoworkingRegulationInChina,WhyWeWorkMightIssueIPO,Forecast
Corporate coworking will continue to fuel the coworking industry in 2018. Pictured above: Bayer corporate coworking offices in Guatemala City

China To Implement New Regulations For Coworking Spaces

China Briefing reported earlier this week that the Chinese government “is working on a regulatory framework for the coworking industry and its tenants.” According to the article, the regulation will seek to eliminate ‘ambiguous territory’ when it comes to registering businesses using coworking spaces for their main address, among other issues.

Read more about China’s potential coworking regulation here.

Rumor Has It WeWork Could Go Public This Year

“There’s good reason to think that WeWork could go public this year,” reads a recent article. According to the author, one of the reasons why WeWork might decide to go public this year is because, the stock market–especially the tech stock–is strong, and “WeWork looks like the type of company — the clear leader in a new industry and demonstrably profitable on a unit business — that would generate excitement among investors.” Additionally, if the coworking company “seeks more acquisitions, tapping the public markets may be its best option for a cash influx.”

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2018 Workspace Forecast

A must read from essensys! Though there’s “no crystal ball to tell us precisely what will happen in 2018, we can predict what to expect using projections based on past growth and tendencies.” The industry’s savviest leaders spoke with essensys about what the future has (potentially) in store for the flexible workspace industry.
Read essensys’ full 2018 workspace forecast here.

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