In The Loop: Regus Extends Sale Offer Deadline, WeWork Takes Over London, And Coworking For Introverts

Those ‘unexpected encounters’ in the workplace aren’t always welcome. TQ’s Camille Charluet explains how to survive in a coworking space as an introvert.

Regus Rejected Brookfield’s Offer

International Workplace Group (IWG) rejected Brookfield’s £2.5bn offer. Regus’ potential sale, however, is still possible, as reports claim both companies are still in discussion. A new date, February 2nd, has been set for Brookfield to make a final offer to IWG.

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How To Survive In A Coworking Space When You Don’t Like Talking To People

Like it or not, the world is built on social interaction. “It’s the ugly truth” writes Camille Charluet. “Us socially awkward dorks just have to accept the fact that small talk and socializing are extremely necessary evils.” Community members at TQ offer their best hacks on surviving in a coworking space when talking to people just doesn’t come naturally.

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WeWork Is London’s Largest Office Occupier

Over the past 5 years, WeWork has leased over 2.5 million sq ft of space in the capital, more than any other company — including Google (1.3m sq ft), Amazon (1m sq ft) and Deutsche Bank (857,839 sq ft).

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