Here’s Why Your Workplace Should Take Advantage Of Digital Communication Platforms

By using digital communication platforms, flexible workspace operators can enhance member communication and find new ways to collaborate
  • Digital communication platforms have changed the way people interact with one another on a daily basis
  • These platforms allow for team members to collaborate and communicate more efficiently
  • Workspace operators can add value to their members by offering access to some of these platforms

This article was written by Allie Tittle  from Sociallyin

Digital communication has become a widespread phenomenon. It has stepped into the business world and changed the way people interact – in a good way. Companies are now able to collaborate and communicate on a new, more efficient level than ever before.

In other words, the right applications can help your workplace thrive, from your in-house employees all the way to remote employees that work across the state or even in a different country. Not only can digital communication platforms improve worker collaboration, but it also has huge benefits for business to business relationships; for example, approvals, questions and collaborations can be accomplished more quickly.

For flexible workspace operators, digital communications platforms can help them grow their community and facilitate collaboration between members.

The Right Platform For Your Members

There are a plethora of platforms out there, and the first step in implementing digital communication platforms into your workspace requires that you make a choice. So how can you figure out which is the best for your workspace and your needs?

To help you out, we’ve selected 3 of the most popular platforms that have widespread use across different types of organizations and businesses. Whether you are hoping to add a new service to your workspace members or whether you want members to easily communicate with one another, there is a platform out there that can facilitate and automate the process.


Slack is one of the better-known workplace communication platforms. Millions of companies use it, including Ticketmaster, the Los Angeles Times, and Capital One.

One of the biggest benefits of Slack is that it allows you to have different “work spaces” with different groups. This gives you the option to have a separate space for each business you work with, plus a space for your worker or member communication. Inside these work spaces, you can create different channels to keep conversations organized. For example, if you have a group of members helping your organize and event or a group of members wanting to learn more about a specific topic, they could create private groups where all communication will happen only with those involved in the matter.

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Slack keeps archives so that everyone can stay in the loop, even when they are out on vacation or working abroad. Groups can get Slack for free or they can opt for the paid version to unlock more features.

Workplace by Facebook

Workplace by Facebook is a free platform was that introduced by Facebook in 2016. Today, there are over 30,000 organizations globally that use this platform for communication.

One of the reasons behind its widespread use is its similarity to Facebook, as users do not feel like they’re having to learn how to use a new application. Workplace for Facebook is particularly beneficial for groups that regularly host brainstorming sessions because of its “wall” feature, which works similarly to a Facebook profile’s wall, where people can post ideas and receive feedback. Additionally, it also offers chat, video chat, phone calls, and allows for users to upload and send files.

Flexible workspace operators catering to those in the creative industry specifically could greatly benefit from using Workplace by Facebook, as it could provide members with a tool that could help them obtain instant feedback for the projects they are working on.

Microsoft Teams

Though it was launched only a year ago, in March 2017, Microsoft Teams is already used by over 200,000 organizations worldwide. It offers a chat feature, both private and group, plus online meetings and live streaming. Since it is integrated with Microsoft Office, it’s extremely useful for businesses who share a lot of Documents on applications such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. The interface is customizable, while staying secure and compliant.

This platform could add value to freelance workspace members that tend to offer their services to other members of the space, as it would allow them to review and update documents as necessary, without much hassle and coordination.

Integrating social and communication platforms into your flexible workplace can greatly improve communication among members and staff.

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