In The Loop: WeWork Is 2nd Biggest Private Office Tenant In Manhattan, Crypto Coworking, And Childcare

A recent study found that WeWork is now Manhattan's second-largest private office tenant


WeWork 2nd Biggest Office Tenant In Manhattan reported this week that WeWork is now the second-biggest private office tenant in Manhattan. “Approaching 50 locations in New York City, WeWork has now amassed more Manhattan office space than any other tenant except banking behemoth JPMorgan Chase.”


A New Wave Of Niche Workspaces: Crypto Coworking

Blockchain-focused coworking spaces first appeared on the radar earlier this year. And the trend is growing, according to A new crypto-focused workspace has opened in New York, and unlike traditional serviced workspaces, Liminal offers its members something most spaces don’t offer: “a space fortified by blockchain.” According to the article, members will gain crypto tokens. “And those have whatever value they have on the open marked based on what every member contributes to the flourishing of that community.”

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The Question Of Coworking + Childcare

Quartz at Work took on the task of exploring why there aren’t more coworking spaces offering childcare. Last year, Allwork.Space explored the same topic, and the conclusion is the same one: “operating these two low-margin businesses together is really, really hard,” especially the kid part of the equation, which requires licenses and specific guidelines that need to be met.

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