In The Loop: WeWork’s Acquisition Spree, Women-Focused Spaces, And Coworking In Singapore

WeWork’sAcquisitionSpree,Women FocusedSpaces,AndCoworkingInSingapore
The proportion of office space occupied by flexible workspaces in Singapore will reach 20% by 2020.

WeWork Acquires A Digital Marketing Company

Since mid-last year, the coworking giant has been on an acquisition spree; acquiring a school, Lord & Taylor’s flagship building, and even a wave making pool company. Just a few days ago, WeWork acquired Conductor, a digital marketing agency; marking the company’s fifth acquisition in the short span of 7 months.

5 Of The Best Women-Focused Coworking Spaces

Women-focused spaces are rapidly growing in number in various parts of the world in the hopes of nurturing a generation of professional women that seek to thrive in innovative and creative environments. Like Liz Elam, Executive Director of GCUC, rightly stated in a blog post “we’re not giggling and braiding each other’s hair (in these spaces), we’re building an industry” and women using these spaces are building a business. Which is why we need them equipped with tools, design, and platforms that will empower and support us to grow and succeed; check out some spaces that are doing it right.

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    Coworking In Singapore

    A recent article by EdgeProp highlighted the impressive growth of coworking in Singapore. This doesn’t come as a surprise, as we already know that the coworking industry is booming in Asia. That said, EdgepProp’s article states that according to a recent study, “In Singapore, the proportion of office space occupied by flexible workspace is projected to (…) reach 20% by 2020.”

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