In The Loop: WeWork Grows Flatiron School, The Wing Goes To Canada, IWG’s Spaces, World Health Day, And More

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International Workplace Group’s (IWG) coworking brand is set to open 3 locations in Vancouver in the foreseeable future

WeWork Quickly Expands Flatiron School

FastCompany reported this week that the coworking giant, WeWork, is hoping to expand Flatiron School as fast as it expands its workspace footprint across the globe. According to the article, “In the six months since the Manhattan coding school was acquired by WeWork, it has spawned locations in Washington, D.C., Brooklyn, and London. Now, WeWork is opening a fourth Flatiron School location, this time in Houston.”

Check Yo Mate, World Health Day

In lieu of today’s celebration of World Health Day, here’s how a positive workplace culture can encourage conversations around mental health and create a support network.

Women-Only Coworking, The Wing, To Go To Canada

The Canadian Press reported this week that the women-only coworking space, The Wing, is opening its first Canadian location in Toronto this upcoming 2019. According to the release, Toronto is among the six new locations The Wing is expecting to open, among which are locations in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Williamsburg, and London.

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Regus’ Coworking Brand Spaces Goes To Vancouver

Real Estate News Exchange reported this week that Regus’ coworking brand, Spaces, is set to open 3 locations in Vancouver. According to the news, “Before even opening its first Gastown location, the coworking firm has announced plans for two additional locations.” The three locations will amount to around 145,000 square feet of workspace.

Workplace Trends Disrupting CRE

Dees Stribling wrote for Bisnow 5 workplace trends that are “breathing down the neck of the commercial real estate industry,” including redefined amenities and flexible work environments. Read the full article here.