Launches Q&A Sessions That Will Give Shared Workspace Members Access To Knowledge announced its Q&A sessions which will use their network’s reach and shared knowledge-base to support the entrepreneurs within coworking spaces

Access to up-to-date insights, expert knowledge and top class thought-leaders is one of the trickiest challenges facing community managers and operators of shared workspaces. Even though this content is extremely valuable to member businesses; it’s hard to source, schedule and coordinate on a small, or even medium scale., the company that uses the aggregate buying-power of over 250+ coworking and entrepreneurial communities to unlock great business savings, have taken a stab at solving this challenge at scale.

Not only have they almost surpassed 300 coworking communities now sharing buying-power, but back in March they begun exploring shared knowledge by enabling solution ratings and recommendations; making their sourcing and sorting of business savings even more efficient for 1000s of businesses.

Today, they’ll announce included Q&A sessions, using their growing network’s reach and shared knowledge-base to support the entrepreneurs within partnered coworking, serviced office and shared workspace communities around the world.

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These free sessions will allow members (and operators) of included communities to ping questions to experts on a variety topics like vested equity, compliance, crowd-funding, taxation, leveraging social data for B2B sales, and more.

When asked for the thinking behind the Q&A sessions, their founder Hector Kolonas explained that it was a logical value-add for partner communities stating that, “we started to leverage network effects in order to make joining a local entrepreneurial community an absolute no-brainer for anyone who wanted to build a business. Having access to some of the brightest minds on the planet through included Q&A sessions is definitely a value-multiplier for local community and their members.”

The first Q&A session is scheduled for the end of April and will run over how equity can be used to motivate, inspire and protect a businesses interests.

You can find out more and sign up for session notifications via the official announcement here.

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