Engineering Time And Achieving Life Satisfaction: The A In India Is A Workspace Game-Changer

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‘The A’ is a new collaborative workspace in Mumbai, India, which celebrates work/life integration
  • ‘The A’ is a private members work and leisure club in India that harnesses work/life integration
  • Although it’s fashioned on colonial-day private member clubs, The A flips this concept on its head by focusing on inclusivity
  • “We need to create spaces that offer equal amounts and focus on work and play” – Alkesh Tandon, The A

Inspired by “gymkhanas”, India’s colonial-day private member clubs for the elite, The A is India’s newest Private Members Work and Leisure Club. However, unlike gymkhanas, which were known for their exclusivity, The A is all about inclusivity and bringing people together.

Designed by Alkesh Tandon, The A is the newest addition to Dolt Smart Hospitality’s portfolio, boasting 40,000 square feet of work and social space. According to Tandon, “The A is filling a gap in India’s workspace market. The way we see it is that The A is a perfect integration of work and life under one roof.

aws1-Alkesh Tandon Founder of The A and Romil Ratra CEO

Alkesh Tandon, designer and founder of The A, with Romil Ratra, CEO

“Modern-day professionals want access to global standard facilities; they want to be able to unwind at work and work while they unwind. All over the world, entrepreneurs are choosing spaces that allow them to network, unwind, think, and be productive; all in one space.”

While India’s flexible workspace market has boomed over the past several months, Tandon believes that these coworking spaces haven’t been able to fully integrate work and play. “The A is a disruptor across market segments because it has brought together the best of both worlds.”

aws2-Spanish Steps

The ‘Spanish Steps’ provide event or breakout space at The A

Globally speaking, the flexible workspace industry has evolved and transitioned into the hospitality industry, realizing that today’s population is constantly looking for experiences. Tandon understands this, which is why he teamed up with hotelier Romil Ratra, CEO of The A, to create a seamless experience for members.

From work to leisure, and from leisure to work

People’s expectations of work environments has drastically changed over the past few years. Much of this has been powered by the flexible workspace industry. Today, there is a greater emphasis and demand on flexibility and convenience. So widespread is this demand that even the CRE industry is finding new ways to bring people together, by having more connected, smarter buildings that lead to a less regimented way of life and foster more productivity and creative collaboration.

Tandon calls this “the new Culture Co”, a culture of collaboration, convergence, confluence, and cooperation. All while carefully engineering our most valuable luxury: time.

“The leaders of today want their personal, professional, intellectual, social, and wellness needs to be met under one roof.

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    “The line between work and leisure has blurred. We need to create spaces that offer equal amounts and focus on work and play.”

    aws3-Networking at The Alcove

    The Alcove – a place to work, network, meet, or relax

    The A’s primary goal is to offer exactly this. By integrating physical, intellectual, and cognitive needs, The A is hoping to bring balance to today’s fast-paced, synergized lifestyle.

    A perfect blend and flow

    Walking us through The A, Tandon mentioned that the space “doesn’t suffer from the stuffiness of an old-school gymkhana. Instead, expect an uncluttered, contemporary luxury space where you can work, collaborate, and socialise seamlessly.

    “The aesthetics are easy on the eyes with a focus on detailing through modern Indian artworks, fluid work and leisure zones, ergonomic diverse seating spaces, green verdant walls, tech-enabled features and textured upholstery.”

    aws4-The Alcove with Modern Indian Art 1

    The A features modern Indian artwork, fluid work and leisure zones, ergonomic seating spaces and textured upholstery.

    “We are looking for members who understand the value of time.” According to Tandon, “more time equals more life satisfaction,” and flexible workspaces can contribute to life satisfaction by catering to all of a person’s needs.

    Through its variety of environments and ambiances, The A is hoping to attract a diverse community, made up of individuals who can fuel nascent ideas and transform them into impactful ones.

    Aside from the various work environments it provides, The A also has The Alcove and The Exchange which were designed to encourage networking and collaboration among members. The Bistro, The Speakeasy Bar, and The Brew Lab provide members with dining and drinking choices without them leaving the space and commuting somewhere else. The space also gives members immediate access to a Health Club and a Spa, providing a blend of lifestyle elements that flow naturally one with the other.  And last but not least, the space also has DICE, a dedicated Virtual Reality Zone that allows members to experience artificial intelligence, mixed reality, and immersive gaming.

    “The designed spaces blend into one another while carrying a distinct look and feel to allow members to experience different vibes in the absence of closed doors.”

    The A in Mumbai is the first of many locations, and the company has plans to build more locations in gateway cities like Hyderabad, Chennai, Bengaluru, Gurgaon, and London. Additionally, understanding today’s globalized society and economy, The A’s endeavor is to build an international network of properties in prime locations, which is marked through the network of reciprocal club associations with business and leisure clubs such as: The Hospital Club and Devonshire Club in London, an exclusive partnership with London’s most coveted soon-to-open The Conduit, The Heart House in Munich, 1880 in Singapore, The Spoke Club in Toronto, and Capital Club in Dubai, Bahrain, Lagos and East Africa.

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