In The Loop: Spaces, WeWork’s New Architect, Coworking In Singapore, And Human-Centric Workplaces

To truly design and offer a people-centric workplace, you need to encourage people to express their non-work selves to create people-centric workplaces

Singapore’s Coworking Boom Has No End In Sight
The Singapore Business Review wrote this week that “the demand for coworking or flexible workspace (…) has grown substantially since 2015.” And according to experts, there is no end to this boom in sight, as Singapore now has around 110-120 operating flexible workspaces, with ¾ of them situated in the CBD area.

WeWork Names New Chief Architect
Bloomberg reported this week that WeWork has named Bjarke Ingels chief architect of the coworking firm. According to the article “The Danish architect was already collaborating with WeWork on its education venture and the conversion of the Lord & Taylor’s Manhattan flagship into WeWork’s new headquarters.” In his new advisory role, Ingels will guide WeWork’s efforts to create its Rise by We and WeLive spaces.

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Spaces Continues On Growth Track
Though Spaces seems to be quieter regarding its new workspace locations, the IGW coworking brand has grown exponentially since it was first acquired by Regus a few years back. Most recently, Spaces announced the opening of its 2nd location in Canada in the city of Montreal, adding 30,000 square feet to its workspace portfolio.

Embracing Your Whole Self In The People-Centric Workplace
An insightful article on why if we seek to support and encourage workplace wellness, “we must encourage people to express their non-work selves to create people-centric workplaces.” People think about non-work issues while they are on the clock, and the spaces we work from need to reflect and support this type of thinking. Afterall, we are not just the work we do, we are more than that.

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