In The Loop: WeWork’s Business Model, Industrious, And Coworking In Office Depot

Industrious is set to operate coworking spaces in malls and Office Depot is piloting an in-store coworking model

Expert Doubts WeWork’s Business Model
Writing for the Sunday Times, Luke Johnson, puts WeWork’s business model into question, arguing that “When the business cycle turns, WeWork’s model just won’t work.” Johnson points at the coworking giant’s sky-high valuation–arguing it’s not a real reflection of its revenue–and its long-term lease obligations, particularly in the US and London 

Industrious to Open Workspace in Malls
Industrious announced this week that it has partnered with Macerich–property owner, operator, and developer of retail properties in the US. The partnership will enable Industrious to operate and run coworking spaces in some of Macerich mall properties. Read the full release here.

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Office Depot Tries Out Coworking Inside Its Stores
Risnews reported this week that, “In partnership with Proximity, Office Depot has introduced Workonomy Hub, a new coworking space with rates ranging from 40$ for daily drop-ins or lowest level membership, to $750 a month for private offices. The pilot is taking place at the Office Depot store located at 15166 Los Gatos Blvd, in Los Gatos, CA.”

BHIVE Launches New Locations
Bengaluru-based coworking operator, BHIVE, has opened two new locations in the Indian City. According to the news release, “One of the new centers is located very close to the HSR Sector 2 club. (…) The second center is located close to the Silk Board junction, easily accessible from Outer Ring Road.” BHIVE is currently operating 7 workspace locations in Bengaluru.

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