Coworking Unicorn Ucommune Completes Acquisition of Architectural Design Firm DAGA

ucommune has acquired a majority stake in DAGA, a Beijing-based architecture firm

Ucommune, Beijing (5 September 2018) – China’s leading coworking space provider ucommune announced the acquisition of a majority stake in DAGA, a Beijing-based architectural firm yesterday, in a bid to further integrate the upstream value chain of the coworking industry.

The move reflects Ucommune’s ambition of evolving into a design-led, service-oriented O2O coworking market place and will mean the future design and construction of coworking projects being hosted under the same roof as other Ucommune-branded services.

“As the pioneering force of the coworking industry in China, Ucommune has played a pivotal role in setting industrial benchmark and leading the development of the whole industry in China and beyond. It’s a pleasure to join the Ucommune eco-system and we hope to contribute more fresh ideas and energies to China’s urban upgrading movement,” says Shen Jianghai, founder and CEO of DAGA.

DAGA Architectural Design is a young and modern design service company dedicated to urban renewal, founded by Shen Jianghai, an architect who has worked in the famous Zaha Hadid office in the UK, and Ren Xiaowei, Xu Yunfei and Huang Da. Drawing on its innovative strengths and deep understanding of urban stock-assets revitalisation, DAGA primarily focuses on transforming office buildings and functional space such as apartments, houses, and commercial compounds to create wholesome living experiences. The firm has won the Real Estate Design China Award in Shanghai, and has been awarded the Beijing Outstanding Youth Architectural Design Studio by BCI Asia for two consecutive years.

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DAGA Architects has the ambition of setting benchmark in the design industry. In 2017 alone, DAGA completed more than 30 projects in over 10 cities in China and abroad. In 2018, the team has been involved in transformation, design and construction for large-scale compounds and industrial parks.

For DAGA, the integration of design and construction means involvement in the project planning at an early stage, followed by the blueprint, and interior decoration till the final launch.

DAGA also conducts multi-dimensional architectural scanning, BIM, and automatic generation programs, breaking the boundaries of traditional design and empowering services with efficient, scientific, and data-based methods. Building scanning technology can scan a layer of office buildings in 10 minutes which is then shaped into a 3D model, greatly speeding up the building measurement and is equipped with complete on-site image recording. BIM technology not only solves problems that the design scheme cannot, but also it can intuitively guide the later construction, cost calculation, and reserve the model interface for future project operation data.

The acquisition of DAGA by Ucommune complements the strengths of both parties. From the aspects of space design and content, urban spaces will be further revitalized and updated. In the future, Ucommune will play a more important role in the field of urban renewal, providing one stop design, operation and servicing for its community members.

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