In The Loop: WeWork, Coworking In Russia, And Is The Effect Of Coworking Overblown?

Is coworking’s effect in the office market overblown? Here’s what some experts told Commercial Observer

WeWork Will Start Selling Software
The coworking giant announced this week that it had acquired Teem, an office management startup. According to Crunchbase, WeWork paid $100 million to close the deal, which will allow the company to take a step towards the workspace-as-a-service future it envisions for itself. Teem will become part of WeWork’s consulting arm, Powered by We.

Coworking Space with Childcare to Open 35 Locations Across Russia
Olesya Kashaeva, a P.R. specialist from Moscow, established “Way Into Life”, a coworking space for new mothers, after the birth of her second son. Way Into Life is a free coworking space that offers caregivers for babies, and it was later rebranded to Working Mommy.  Established in  2012 in Moscow, the brand has grown to 10 locations across the city, and it will open in 35 different Russian cities by the end of 2018.

Will Coworking Stay or Go?
Coworking’s exponential growth is well-recorded. However, a recent Commercial Observer article argues that “ the effect of this relatively new player in the office leasing market might be overblown.” Robert Renaud, who was interviewed by CO, stated that the “coworking trend (is) having an effect on office leasing, but not to the extent that brokers should be overly concerned about its long-term impact.”

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