The Professionals From Workspaces Present an Ambitious Study of the Field and the New Legal Guidebook

Spain based association, ProWorkSpaces announced the date for the annual WorkSpacesDay Conference.

Madrid welcomes the #WorkSpacesDay Conference 2018

Madrid, September 5th, 2018.- Flexible workspace operator, ProWorkSpaces, celebrates the WorkSpacesDay Conference, an annual event where leaders, managers, and operators within the industry gather to see and be informed about the newest data, studies, legal guidelines and many other workspace related topics.

UTOPICUS, the newest flexible workspace at Príncipe de Vergara will be hosting the event this 18th and 19th of October. The event will gather  world-wide top specialists in design, technology and Proptech.

Instant Group, Cremades & Calvo Sotelo, Cushman & Wakefield, 3G Smart Group, Coworking Europe, Unen Bienestar, Colonial, Metrovacesa and  Citi Box; leaders in their own fields, are just a few of the companies that will be actively participating in the event.

“Flexible workspaces are experiencing a profound transformation, these spaces need to be able to respond to the new working ways of the Knowmad Society and the Society of Information and Knowledge. In 2018, we no longer speak of space, or services nor technology, things that we take for granted; we speak of people, working people and the way those people work and interact.” – Eduardo Salsamendi, president of ProWorkSpaces

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The WorkSpacesDay Conference has topped off in the last few years as the reference event of the field, where knowledge is shared, and interesting, enriching and educational debates are held.

Tesa Assa Abloy and Nfon, are some of the big enterprises that will be sponsoring the WorkSpaceDay event.

All participants and interested will be able to follow the event in social media, including Twitter, with the hashtag #WorkSpacesDay, as well as in the web where you’ll be able to access the program and panel of speakers.

About ProWorkSpaces

ProWorkSpaces is a nonprofit association that represents the “workspaces” industries. It promotes and represents the field before the different Administrations and Governments, both national and territorial, and encourages the use of flexible workspaces amongst the business community. Nowadays, ProWorkSpaces gathers more than 200 workspace centers. For more information, go to

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