All Good Work Brings Veggielution Back Home to NextSpace San José Second Street

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The Veggielution team at their San José coworking space, including Cayce Hill, Executive Director of Veggielution (far left); Julie Kodama, Community Manager at NextSpace (fifth from left) and Keith Warner, Owner and Operator of NextSpace Powered by Pacific Workplaces (far right).
  • The All Good Work Foundation connects social impact organizations with donated seats in coworking spaces
  • The Foundation has helped urban community farm, Veggielution, find workspace at NextSpace San José
  • It’s the first time that All Good Work has operated in the Silicon Valley area, and the Foundation is now actively branching out into new locations

All Good Work, a foundation that connects social impact organizations with donated workspace, has stepped in to help Veggielution return to NextSpace San José Second Street Powered by Pacific Workplaces.

Founded in 2008, Veggielution is a 6-acre urban farm based at Emma Prusch Farm Park in East San José, which builds thriving communities by connecting people from diverse backgrounds through food and farming.

Previously, Veggielution Executive Director, Cayce Hill, maintained a desk at NextSpace on Second Street in San José to manage her own personal business, but when she joined the Veggielution Team in 2015 she found it difficult to maintain the connection to NextSpace and lead Veggielution in East San José simultaneously.

When the All Good Work Foundation arrived in San José in August, Julie Kodama, the Community Manager of Next Space on Second Street, was thrilled to join the program, and that she could refer Veggielution and bring them back home. All Good Work’s program director for Silicon Valley, Amy Feldman, met with Veggielution, and was inspired by their longstanding commitment to the East San José Community. They were promptly invited to apply for a Social Impact Residency and were the first nonprofit accepted into the new Silicon Valley program.

“We’re so happy to be a part of this community again!” said Cayce Hill, Executive Director at Veggielution. “Having a base at NextSpace Second Street means we have a quiet place to work, meet, and get things done; we’re so productive when we work here. It’s inspirational and there’s a positive, supportive community that aligns with our own ethos in East San José.”

For Hill, like so many others who run nonprofit organizations, choosing where to place their financial investment is a difficult decision. Through the All Good Work program and the positive contribution of NextSpace Powered by Pacific Workplaces, organizations like Veggielution now have the opportunity to tap into established coworking communities without the financial burden of an office lease.

“Thanks to All Good Work and NextSpace we’ve been able to offer the chance for all of our staff to work more effectively and make those valuable community connections at Second Street,” added Hill. “We’re excited at the prospect of reaching more people and growing our East San José farm community.”

Founded in 2016, All Good Work matches nonprofit social impact organizations with donated seats in Host coworking spaces and business centers in the U.S. Until recently, the majority of All Good Work Hosts have been based in New York; now the Foundation is now actively branching out into new locations including Silicon Valley.

“When I learned about All Good Work, I applied to become a Host without hesitation,” said Keith Warner, Managing Partner, Owner and Operator of NextSpace Powered by Pacific Workplaces. “It’s a powerful resource that enables us to donate space to social impact organizations like Veggielution that are making a real difference in the world.

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    “Through this connection we’re not only giving back to organizations that need a helping hand, we’re also making a positive difference by bringing in people who want to become an active part in our community. It’s a win-win for all concerned.”

    Julie Kodama, Community Manager at NextSpace San José Second Street Powered by Pacific Workplaces, said:

    “I’m so happy to have the Veggielution team back home at NextSpace San José! They’re engaged with our community and they ‘get’ what we’re about; they’re very supportive of our other members and they’re enthusiastic to get involved with events and activities here at Second Street. They’re a great fit and I’m excited to help them on their growth journey.”

    Nate Heasley, Co-Founder and Executive Director of All Good Work Foundation, said:

    “Our mission is to help social impact organizations like Veggielution run their programs more effectively, and at less cost.

    “We set out to create a social responsibility program for the coworking industry. It’s thanks to the generosity of workspace Hosts like NextSpace Powered by Pacific Workplaces that we’re able to connect the dots and help nonprofit organizations by placing them into local coworking communities, where they can get the support and infrastructure they need to follow their vision and fulfil their growth objectives.”

    About All Good Work

    All Good Work is a collaboration between like-minded people and their aligned organizations. We have collectively developed a program that is simple but tremendously impactful, by creating a better avenue for workspaces to offer their unused space to deserving organizations that could use a boost.

    About Veggielution

    Veggielution connects people from diverse backgrounds through food and farming to build community in East San José. Our goal is to engage residents throughout Silicon Valley, with a special emphasis on fostering community and family engagement in the low-income, working immigrant community of East San José. We believe that through shared conversations and experiences, healthy food and outdoor learning, Veggielution can help to build social capital and change attitudes and policies toward low-income residents by strengthening diverse and multicultural social networks.

    About NextSpace Powered by Pacific Workplaces

    Located in the historic Lion Building on the corner of Second and San Fernando Streets, NsSJ is the perfect combination of classic architecture, modern business infrastructure and a welcoming community. We offer convenient coworking solutions, flexible office spaces, and meeting rooms for freelancers, remote workers, independent professionals, and small teams seeking the energy and accessibility of a downtown shared office. We’re very proud of our fun, friendly, tight-knit community.

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