Community Managers Give Thanks For People, Positive Changes And “Co”

Metro Offices puts up a turkey drawing in each of its locations and asks members to write what they are thankful for (Image source: Metro Offices)
  • America is celebrating Thanksgiving today and this year, the flexible workspace industry has a lot to be thankful for.
  • Allwork.Space asked people from the flexible workspace industry to share what they are thankful for.
  • Industry people are thankful for positive change, personal and professional growth, and all things “co”.

What are you thankful for?

It’s a question that’s circulated every Thanksgiving and this year in particular, our industry has a lot to be thankful for. In 2018 we’ve seen countless research reports that prove coworking and flexible workspace have evolved from ‘trending’ to mainstream.

Independent operators are thriving, corporate firms have embraced coworking, and flexible workspace is expanding out of city centers and into more new locations than ever before. The growth of coworking is giving easier access to positive, supportive entrepreneurial communities and helping more people escape loneliness and isolation.

In short, coworking is becoming the new normal.

But that doesn’t mean running a workspace is easy. Every business comes with its own share of challenges and that’s why days like today — Thanksgiving — are so important. It’s a reminder to focus on the good things. Spend time with friends or family, take a break, eat well, and recharge your entrepreneurial batteries.

We’re all in this together. So in the spirit of collaboration, community and all things ‘co’, we asked people from the coworking industry to share what they’re thankful for.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Laura Kozelouzek – Quest Workspaces

Laura Kozelouzek, founder and CEO at Quest Workspaces

Living through this period of unrest, with our country so divided, I’m even more thankful for the “Co” in the way we work, and that Quest Workspaces is a vehicle for bringing people together.

I’ve seen the power in unity, acceptance and mutual respect as it has translated into our company’s success and our Questers.

We are going to build on that foundation, growing our community and locations. 

I’m thankful for all the amazing people in my life, that is filled with love and lots of adventure!

Amy Feldman, Program Director, All Good Work – Silicon Valley

I am thankful for for the opportunity to join the All Good Work Foundation team and launch the program in Silicon Valley.

I am thrilled that so many coworking operators in Silicon Valley have generously donated workspace to our program, and I look forward to connecting nonprofit organizations to those spaces, so they may focus their resources on their social impact and reduce their overhead expenses.

On a personal note I look forward to spending Thanksgiving with my family and eating yummy food in San Francisco!

Kathlene Buchanan, founder of Metro Offices

Webster’s defines thankful as an adjective meaning “pleased, relieved, grateful, appreciative and filled with gratitude.” This Thanksgiving I am filled with gratitude and very thankful for many gifts in my life including my wonderful family and my amazing staff at MO. I am also thankful that we live in a country where despite our flaws, we are the most generous nation in the world.

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At Metro Offices, we are very excited to celebrate our 30 Year Anniversary in April 2019. The flexible office space business has never been so dynamic. We are proud of our success and growth — neither of which would be possible without the smart work of everyone at Metro Offices.

Caleb Parker – Bold

Caleb Parker, co-founder and CEO at Bold

I’m thankful for my health, friends and family.

I recently celebrated my 8th wedding anniversary with my wife. As an optimist, I’m also thankful to be living in what I believe is the greatest time in human history.

Never have we had more convenience, more literacy, more wealth and improved living conditions throughout the world.

But there is still a lot that can be improved, so I’m most thankful for people who dedicate themselves to improving society.

Our industry is evolving the way we expected it to. More and more companies are leaning into the future of work, which is an exciting time for us at Bold. I’m looking forward to growing the Bold brand in 2019 as we support entrepreneurs and innovators in London.

Ashley Riggs – Bond Collective

Ashley Riggs, Head of Community & Culture at Bond Collective

2018 has been exciting in so many different ways! I got married this year which was of course a major highlight. I’m grateful for my family, friends and partner for making that experience as memorable as it was.

I’m also grateful for all of the growth and changes we’ve made at Bond Collective. This year has undoubtedly stretched my imagination into where we can go and what we are capable of. I’m thankful for the supportive and creative team we have at Bond Collective and the passion they bring to work every single day.

2019 is going to be the year that changes Bond Collective. Our first location outside of New York launches in the first quarter of the new year, propelling us into a brand new journey.

We’re excited to see how it unfolds while meeting new people and places! On a personal note, I’m really looking forward to traveling next year and exploring new places for myself as well as for Bond Collective!

Lucas Seyhun – The Farm Soho

Lucas Seyhun, founder and CEO at The Farm SoHo

Every day, I strive to become a better leader to my employees by being the best version of myself. I am incredibly thankful for the role The Farm has played in my and our member’s life as a journey of self-transcendence.

The Farm has opened the door to personal growth for me as I have blossomed together with our fantastic community of creatives, startups and entrepreneurs, where we feel like a family. Thus, I am thankful for The Farm and our tribe.

After all, life is all about the journey, not the destination. Based on that, I try to be open and productive as my goal is to make the most out of each day. When one’s goal becomes the journey, everything enlivens. I am looking forward to crafting this path for our members and our employees.