Beautiful New High-Floor Coworking Space Opens In Jersey City

  • A new coworking space has opened in Jersey City, providing much-needed flexible space in the Gold Coast area
  • The new Coalition Space facility is located at 95 Columbus Drive, atop the Grove Street PATH station
  • Coalition Space fuses the collaborative, community-centric ethos of coworking with beautifully designed private workspace

Coalition Space, the recognized coworking firm, has announced the grand opening of its flagship Jersey City facility, providing high-quality flexible office services to New Jersey’s underserved Gold Coast.

The beautiful, newly-outfitted space is located on Floor 16 of the Class A building 95 Columbus Drive, Jersey City, atop the Grove Street PATH station. The International Financial Center building features a premium location and a huge, renovated lobby with finishes rarely seen in the area. The tenants of the building are on the bleeding edge of the FinTech revolution. There is parking in the building and, via the PATH, 15-minute access to Manhattan for its tenants and members.

The new space features shared workspace, private offices, meeting rooms, virtual office services and lounge areas.

Coalition Space has been redefining the executive suite since 2002 – with a modern, upscale community flair. The firm offers customized shared office space, private offices, coworking, virtual offices, enterprise suites, and meeting rooms, all with expanded lounge areas and engaged business communities.

Coalition Space serves large corporations to start-ups, technology groups to investment managers, with teams of 1 – 100+ people. Coalition Space – Jersey City represents the best of our 2018, enterprise-forward buildout technology.

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Firms and remote workers demand a secure, polished, yet private office space without the financial constraints of long-term leases or the drag of a second-tier, crowded space. As longtime commercial real estate professionals and business executives ourselves, we knew how to find the perfect fit.

Coalition Space – Jersey City is located on the 16th floor of 95 Columbus Drive, offering impressive views of the city.

Coworking spaces have proliferated in a transitional economy where 3- to 10-year leases no longer make sense. While privacy-agnostic tech startups and freelancers have found a welcome home in collaborative spaces, established professionals find themselves trapped in a no-man’s-land between outdated executive suites and open-office coworking spaces.

Coalition Space fuses the best of the two, adding a new level of cachet, with premium locations and elite design mixed with privacy options and security.

The New Jersey Gold Coast office market is growing, with many firms relocating back-office operations with minimal disruption to higher cost Manhattan operations. Other changes and innovations, such as those related to FinTech, HealthTech, and Gaming, are contributing to the surge. New Jersey also has a supportive, business-friendly environment, often at a lower cost than comparable Manhattan options.

No modern flexible office space would be complete without an engaged staff, events, networking and amenity partnerships. Spencer Rothschild, the CEO of Coalition Space, said: “When it comes to nurturing our community at Coalition Space, we’re all about the one-on-one relationship with our members. We consider ourselves as much a hospitality company as we do a workspace provider. Our staff knows all of our members by name and profession, and we’re constantly building partnerships and facilitating introductions between our members.”

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