New Kyiv Business Center Facilitates Inward Investment In Ukraine

  • A new business center in Kyiv (formerly known as Kiev) helps international firms expand into Ukraine
  • The center forms part of a wider business startup service founded by Sven Henniger and Dr. Thomas Winkelmann
  • The new center comes at an exciting time for Kyiv, which is experiencing rapid growth in technology services and IT outsourcing

A new business center that launched in Kyiv (formerly known as Kiev), Ukraine, at the beginning of 2018 offers much more than a prime business address and flexible workspace.

“We support companies at every step of their entry to and business development in Ukraine,” says Sven Henniger, co-founder of Henniger Winkelmann Consulting alongside business partner Dr. Thomas Winkelmann. The firm provides business process outsourcing and one of their main objectives is to assist the setup and growth of international businesses in Ukraine.

As part of this process, new firms, or those seeking expansion into Ukraine, require a business address and mail handling facility. Rather than outsourcing this particular service to a local virtual office provider, Henniger and Winkelmann created their own business center in Kyiv, complete with flexible office space, professional services and on-demand conference rooms.

The O-R Business Center on Obolonskyi Avenue in Kyiv.

“As a BPO service provider we create solutions for the needs of our clients. A legal address and office space is always required, so we decided to fill this gap ourselves.”

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The O-R Business Center is based at Obolonskyi Avenue next to Metro-Station Minska, in an award-winning mixed-use building providing prestigious office, retail and residential space. This luxurious setting epitomises work/life integration and addresses the accelerating trend for coworking and co-living, with multiple business and leisure services all available under one roof.

O-R Business Center provides contemporary serviced office space with state-of-the-art technology and two on-site meeting rooms in a design-led workplace environment.

The new center comes at an exciting time for the city of Kyiv, which is experiencing keen interest from international businesses, particularly those operating in technology service industries. From IT outsourcing alone, Ukraine’s annual economic output grew fivefold from 2011 to 2015 and as a result, IT is now the country’s third-largest export behind agriculture and mining.

As such, many international startups are looking to expand into Ukraine and specifically Kyiv, in order to benefit from its skilled workforce and relatively low cost of living. “The administration of the business in Ukraine is still a burden, but it’s our job to support our clients in this regard.”

Henniger added, “We offer a wide range of services to help investors setup their business in Ukraine, from market analysis and accounting outsourcing to recruitment and office space.

“Over the next 12 months we plan to grow our organization to help more new businesses and increase inward investment, which we hope will shine the spotlight on Ukraine and especially Kyiv, as a thriving entrepreneurial destination.”

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