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Remote working has become more than a trend

Working remotely has become increasingly accessible to workers from all sectors of the workforce. With various forms of instant messaging, video conferencing, and coworking spaces, remote working is easier than ever. reports that workers in South Africa telecommute about 56% of the time and 52% of the time worldwide.

“Millennials, who are now entering management positions, want mobility and flexibility, to be able to work anywhere, at any time. There is an increase in ‘telecommuting’ with staff working from home or from cowork spaces and virtual offices,” said Mari Schourie, CEO of South Africa coworking operator The Workspace.

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Dimension Data spoke to 73 executives with companies that have at least 1,000 employees and found that 42% of organizations in South Africa have employees working from home full-time and 67% saying employees will be working from home full-time in the next two years.

Mobile technology allows employees to work virtually from anywhere at anytime, but many companies still have not caught onto the idea of remote working and its numerous benefits including it’s cost effectiveness, flexibility, reduction in employee turnover, and allowance for a wider pool of applicants.

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