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Asia-Pacific emerging as a leader in flexible workspaces

Flexible workspaces have become a huge portion of the office market in the past few years. The Instant Group, a flexible workspace specialist, reported the AsiaPacific (APAC) market is the fastest growing in the world, with flex centers growing above 15% in major cities. Now, there are around 8,600 centers providing flexible options in their spaces.

Demand for flexible offices are driven by the lack of big spaces, which has led operators to expand their geographical footprint.

Bee+, a Shenzhen-based coworking firm, was originally for a catering business, but expanded due to a software park’s support. Now, the company is going to be the first high-end coworking space operator in the Southeast region with over 10,000 square meters of space and 15,000 working positions.

The firm offers coworking spaces for entrepreneurs, as well as Bee+ lifestyle spaces for consumers.

“After years of market dissemination, more and more enterprises in the APAC region have begun to accept this mode of work. Also, flexible workspace is a more flexible, convenient and cost-effective choice,” according to co-founder David Tai. “So, many enterprises want to put office in prime locations, and also hope to save costs.”

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    In 2017, OnePiece Work launched its coworking and incubator platform to provide professional offices, meeting rooms, and event spaces.

    Wei Guo, founder and chief executive officer of OnePiece Work, said the APAC region is emerging as a major producer of startups and entrepreneurs, leading to more coworking spaces.

    To keep retention high, operators need to design spaces that stimulate productivity and creativity— which means more than beer on tap and foosball tables. It means developing a nurturing, collaboration space that is tailored to all members and employees.

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