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Co-living is the next big thing in housing

Co-living is the newest trend in the real estate market. Architecture firm KTGY is expanding its co-living program, Co-Dwell, to meet the demand for more affordable living options. Co-Dwell offers complexes that consist of micro-units with shared amenities and common spaces, such as kitchens and living areas.

“The housing affordability crisis in America is a major issue on our minds as residential architects,” said Aimee Ho, a senior designer at KTGY. “The amount of affordable housing needed cannot be built fast enough, so the R+D Studio wanted to explore how building design and the way people live could create an attainable housing model to address this national crisis.”

The co-living model has a range of benefits aside from its affordability. It also offers shared living responsibilities and community programs, like childcare and eldercare services.

Additionally, sharing utilities, supplies, groceries and transportation contribute to savings as well.

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The co-living spaces also host social events and meals to create a sense of community. The buildings are designed to encourage social interaction among residents.

“Walkways are vertically connected with an open stairway, creating transparency within the horizontal and vertical circulation and providing residents a visual connection to their neighbors.”

This model is ideal for single millennials, but can accommodate small families as well.

A shared living space provides the benefits of shared living arrangements, while reducing the challenges that can occur when living with others. By increasing density in one building, it is a model that works well for growing cities and urban center with limited affordable housing.



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