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Firmspace merges coworking spaces with the luxury of privacy

The coworking space market is clearly on the uprise, but for those who seek a little more privacy and seclusion, it can be difficult to find a coworking space that fits their work style.

Austin-based office operator Firmspace is tackling this issue head on. Within their first location in Denver, members can expect to find high ceilings and natural lighting that give the space a modern touch. The majority of Firmspace’s members are attorneys who require privacy.

Clients pay a monthly $750 fee that takes care of a private office, concierge services, the building’s gym, and twice-weekly meals.

“Just in case we had members who were opposing counsel, we needed sound-masking technology in the offices and conference rooms,” says Firmspace’s marketing director Sarah Newson. “We don’t do ‘hot desking’ or rent out chairs; we only offer private offices or suites. Everything we’ve done is with privacy and security in mind.”

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In addition to secure offices, the coworking space is laden with ergonomic chairs and adjustable desks, as well as plenty of natural lighting as is reflective of Denver’s culture.

Firmspace has plans to open a Houston office in early 2019 as well as locations planned for Atlanta, Dallas, Miami, New York City, Salt Lake City, and Washington, D.C.

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