In The Loop: A Phenomenal Year For Coworking, CRE, And WeWork

2018 was a phenomenal year for coworking: in the US, in Europe, and especially in Asia

2018 was a Phenomenal Year for Coworking
Business World reported this week that “the significant change in perception of coworking spaces in the last 12 months has now set a sound foundation for a period of unceasing growth for the segment.” Next year will be no different, as coworking is expected to grow 4 to 8 times its current size in India.

Commercial Real Estate in 2019
The Commercial Observer published its 2019 predictions for the New York Commercial Real Estate sector. Experts believe coworking and the flexible workspace industry will continue to grow as New York City continues to embrace startups and entrepreneurs. Also, Knotel is up for an extremely active 2019.

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WeWork Closes 2018 with a 236 KSF Lease in New York City
The year’s almost out but WeWork isn’t going out without a bang. Commercial Property Executive reported this week that the coworking giant has signed a long-term lease for about 236,000 square feet at a building owned by CIM Group. As if that wasn’t enough, it appears that WeWork will have its own private entrance into the building.

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