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Koleksiyon designs collaborative and multi-functional furniture

Office designs are continuously evolving and transforming to find the best way to allow companies to reduce their footprint and real estate costs. Koleksiyon, a Turkish furniture manufacturer, is giving a peak into its avant-garde style and solution-based products in showrooms across North America.

Koleksiyon has been developing high-end furniture for offices and residencies for over 40 years. Koray Malhan, the company’s brand and design director and chief design officer, says their Chicago showroom showcases their emphasis on collaborative products and collections in a sophisticated manner.

“As more traditional office spaces move into open-concept work environments, furniture designers are tasked with creating the most innovative pieces that facilitate the fluidity of moving between private and open stations,” said Malhan. “Koleksiyon designs contemporary products that offer both private and open workspace solutions for various workstyles.”

This year, the company participated in its fourth NeoCon event, a convention where designers can showcase their most innovative work. Koleksiyon aims to solve workplace issues with unique desk systems, shelving units, storage, and more. The portfolio it presented at NeoCon was designed for the U.S., Europe, APAC, and Middle Eastern markets.

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“This workplace product portfolio looks at the demographics of the evolving working society as a whole, without geographical or cultural differences,” said Malhan. “In fact, we concentrate more on the similarities of each region than their differences.”

Spectators of the event found that the company’s collection was inspiring, with products such as the Tabula table— a desk that employees can gather around, then flip to use as a writing board.

Additionally, the Throni chair is designed with easily adjustable arms and back, similar to a shirt collar. The idea is for chair users to announce their availability, where a raised collar would note wanting privacy.

Malhan says that workplace design is changing culturally. Freedom from fixed desks, wired connections, and physical locations will be the next big thing in office design.

Work culture is moving towards a collaborative environment and leaving behind the “me-oriented” philosophy.

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