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The Projects applies for alcohol license

Coworking space The Projects in Brighton has applied for an alcohol license to open a small bar and event space from 4 p.m. to 10 p.m. on Thursdays and Fridays.

First, the space must demonstrate that the addition of a bar won’t raise crime and social behavior in coordination with the city’s cumulative impact zone (CIZ). Both police and licensing officers have voiced disapproval.

Coworking office Regus Spaces, also located within the CIZ, locked in a restricted license in September which limited alcohol availability and the number of events in the space per year.

Platf9rm also applied for a license last year, but it was refused after applicants were no-shows to the meeting.

The Project opened Hotel Du Vin and The Walrus pub in November and allowed freelancers and small businesses rent desk space and offices. It has a sitting room that is stocked with alcohol.

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In its application, the operator says its members will enter the bar using a key fob so they can be tracked. Since they have a max of 200 members and are a members-only space, all people in the building will be over 18.

“The applicant is essentially opening a new bar in the CIZ that may be open to the general public where alcohol will not be ancillary to any food or other use of the premises,” said Di Lewis, licensing and response inspector. “There are no conditions offered to limit vertical drinking and the space is referred to as a ‘small bar operation’. Limited details are provided around security and whether staff will be on duty when the event space is rented out.”

The CIZ stretches from Holland Road to Upper Rock Gardens and is designed to ensure new licensed businesses don’t contribute additional crime or disorder to the area.

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