Colatam 2019 Cdmx – First Coworking Summit Of Latin American

COLATAM, the first Latin American coworking conference, will be held in Mexico City from March 13th to the 15th

The first coworking conference designed specifically for the Latin American market will be held in Mexico City this March 13th,14th and 15th.

COLATAM, formerly known as a network of Latin American coworking spaces, will share with a wider audience a set of events related to coworking. The first of the events Camp Day took place in November, 2018 in 4 different countries. The Summit is the second of COLATAM’s events and it will be the perfect occasion for Latin American flexible workspace operators to dive deep into specific topics that can help them succeed in this particular market.

Topics that will be covered during the event include real estate, investment, build-to-suit, accelerators, communities, design, startups, accounting and creative ways of increasing your space’s revenue.

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Eric Perez, CO-Founder of COLATAM, stated that “as organizers, it is a pleasure and a privilege to host the first big event of COLATAM organized by Latin American operators. We believe that COLATAM will be a stepping stone to power this innovative industry in this region of the world.”

There will be 3 days of event with more than 40 workshops and lectures from more than 10 Latin American speakers.
For more information, go to and see the full content of the event.

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