In The Loop: 2019 Industry Trends, Co-Living, And A Coworking Space’s Closing

Check out 2019 flexible workspace trends and India’s up and coming co-living space.

Flexible Workspace 2019 Trends
Flexible workspace operator, Workthere, has identified the key themes to watch in 2019. According to Workthere’s Cal Lee, “There are a number of factors that will impact the flexible office market in 2019 as we continue to see the office sector as a whole evolve and adapt as a result of tenant demands and the growing trend for the workplace to be viewed as a service with experience, flexibility, wellbeing and talent attraction and retention of paramount importance.”

IndiQube Set to Offer Co-Living Space
India based flexible workspace operator, IndiQube, “is looking to stand out in a crowded market by offering flexible offices that double as living quarters,” Forbes India reported this week. IndiQube’s upcoming location in Hebbal will offer living space, coworking space, a health club,  a sports arena, a food court, and even a convenience store.

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Coworking Space in Kansas City Will Close in February
Bizjournals reported this week that a “Kansas City-area coworking space is shuttering operations after five years.” Bonfire, which was geared towards creatives will continue operations throughout January but will officially close in February. Competition and M&A activity is expected to increase throughout the course of 2019.

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