Paperworld 2019 Showing Flexible Worlds Of Work In The ‘Future Office’

The ‘Future Office’ is subdivided into the lecture area, exhibitors' presentation areas and various meeting zones. (Photograph: Messe Frankfurt)

Paperworld is providing new insights into the ‘Future Office’. The special show, with a lecture programme and exhibition area, will be concentrating this time on ‘flexibility’. Through this focus, for the third year now, Paperworld will be casting light on a topic of the future and issue for the sector in questions of office working.

“Flexible office design, zone concepts, clean desk and mobile devices are responses to demands for flexible working. That is why companies are investing more and more in new concepts and office outfitting, and in mobile terminals. How all this can be put into practice in the workplace will be shown by the ‘Future Office’, says Michael Reichhold, Paperworld Director. “At the same time the lecture programme will enable us to address a new and important target group, the architects and planners of modern offices.”    

The Innovation Area in Hall 3.0 C51 will be devoted both to flexible working hours and mobile workplaces, but also to flexible facilities in modern office landscapes – such as rooms for individual and concentrated work, rest and relaxation zones, meeting rooms and areas where people can come together socially.

Daily talks and tours

The programme on Saturday (26 January 2019) is intended for retailers, facility managers and planners in the office environment. The first talk will be by Tobias Kremkau, coworking manager of St. Oberholz, on flexible office areas and coworking concepts. Next to be considered will be the myth of efficiency, and Andreas Peter Asel, product manager for business printing at Epson Deutschland GmbH will be taking a critical look at digital transformation and digital maturity. The talk by Jakup Ibrahimi, managing director of designfunction of Mainz, will be all about environments for flexible office working and factors of success in an effective design. Burkhard Remmers, head of international communication at Wilkhahn, will also be focusing on the “flexi-office.” The day will be rounded off with a guided tour through the Future Office by architect and curator André Schmidt from the architectural practice of Matter Architects of Berlin.

On Sunday (27 January 2019) the programme will feature the trading day. It will begin with a talk by Stefan Meyer, of Steffens Retail Consultants in Stolberg, who will discuss target-group-specific concepts for bricks-and-mortar retailers. Next Anika Böthern, head of key-account management at Legamaster GmbH, will present an up-to-date study on changes in the working world. A new pop-up show concept will be showcased by Michael Purper, managing director of Prisma Fachhandels AG in Haan. He will show how the retail trade can score well with its customers through new offers. How online advertising provides new opportunities to local retailers will be the subject of the next talk by Carsten Schmidt, founder and CEO of WinLocal GmbH in Frankfurt am Main.

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Monday (28 January 2019) and Tuesday (29 January 2019) are designed especially for architects and facility managers. Both days will be filled with specialist talks: among the speakers will be the architect Kilian Kada from Kadawittfeldarchitektur in Aachen. In his lecture he will compare what the working environment currently looks like and what developments of a pioneering kind we can already put into practice today. His message will be: “Experience with one’s own working environment is a reality check. Adapted in each case to the individual needs of the builder’s client, they lead to future designs. To create the best conditions, let us look at the working environments of the future under various aspects: How can coworking and privacy be organised in a stimulating and efficient way? What boundaries are necessary, which are variable? And how can informal communication be stimulated – which, over the last few years, has generally been recognised as positive in working environments?”

Presentation areas for brand manufacturers

Along with the varied lecture programme, once again some exhibitors will be showcasing their new products touching various aspects of the flexible office in the special show area. Legamaster will be showing whiteboards and display areas, Wilkhahn will be presenting flexible seating products and table solutions, and Moresey will be featuring a mobile filing system. Ceka will be showcasing a flexible meeting room, and Luctra will be presenting a collection of office lights.

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